Way to save and switch profiles quickly



  • I am SoulFire86

    I agree that this would be a great feature. If you have multiple accounts you want to use then you can easily switch between them without having to log out and then log back in each time.

  • AnotherUsername

    This should be a little bit like secondary E-Mail adresses. On my computer, I can merge them into the same app being logged in in both accounts.



    yes please

  • Zon Nero

    Really would love this option. How Slack does it is great as the login is based on the server and i can see all of the ones I 'login' to regardless of the account used. Allows me to have work and personal servers all in one spot.

  • NexusTheBrony

    ik my linked alts suggestion could help with this if implemented, and i still think its a good idea even if linking alts is declined

  • mcgroarty

    This is an important privacy feature, which even Telegram, Twitter, Google, and Slack have as a first class feature on mobile. What we share is contextual. I don’t want to share my game identity with coworkers. I don’t want to share my work identity (we use Discord with our customers) with gamers. Being able to log into both accounts in my iPhone and switch between them would make life so much easier.

    I wouldn’t mind one bit if secondary accounts had to be premium for us to remain logged into two or more accounts at once. It would be worth it for the privacy and convenience, if this helps the Discord product team sell the idea internally. It could sell a lot of upgrades. 

  • Stelard✨

    I'd like to point out that 'allow fast switching between accounts' is not at all the same as 'allow simultaneous login to multiple accounts', which I think is what most people here actually want.

    And it's not at all the same as 'allow multiple identities on a single account' which is what I want.

  • UN1CR0N

    I can absolutely speak to how useful this would be, for a lot of different reasons. There are plenty of people who might have professional discord they'd like to join, and not have silly usernames and profile pictures weighing them down. Some might want to keep some servers they join very private. Some might be developing a bot. Please add this functionality!

  • Crystal Firegem

    I'm part of an open roleplay server for D&D, and due to some limitations, were only allowed 1 character per account, however alts are allowed. having said that, I have 4 different characters I play, being able to switch between them quickly like I can switch between servers would work perfectly. I currently have to have one on the main app, one on microsoft edge, one on google chrome, and one on my phone. I'd much rather just have one window open where i can switch between them.

  • Desonance

    Hey there AJ Vixen! You can currently have up to 5 accounts logged in at the same time, as long as you're using different platforms of discord.

    What does this mean?

    Well you have your discord stable release build, but then you also have PTB, Canary, Browser Versions, and iOS/Android. (Yes that's six, but most people only have 1 phone.)

    All of these can be ran simultaneously, so that you can enjoy multiple different discord environments.




    GL HF!

  • Reception123

    This would be really useful. I use one account for professional reasons and one for private. It would really be useful to be able to switch between accounts without having to always log in and log out. Many other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) have this option for this exact reason and I think it would definitely be useful to many users.

  • [WG-VK] Dragonair7

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  • Balthamos

    I've been waiting for a while for this to happen.

    I'd love to migrate the company I work for from Slack to Discord, and this is the feature that would make it happen.

  • assimilater

    I see discord is just like every other website/program/app in ignoring feedback from their users for extended periods of time 0_o
    How many upvotes do you need before you implement something that should take all of 2 minutes to do? If it takes longer you have incompetent developers

    Does discord seriously think that with behavior like this their product is worth $100 / year?! With good service that price is laughable

  • nuei

    I'd love to meet this imaginary rockstar ninja developer who could develop this in two minutes

  • assimilater

    Imaginary? Rockstar? Hell, I could do it if I was familiar with discord's code-base. It's not that special a feature....you just need to store multiple authentication tokens instead of a single one in the app, and have a rudimentary gui to switch between them

  • Enitoni

    Unless you store the tokens in the client (don't) this would require a significant backend change, so I don't think you're being fair on it being "easy and quick".

  • assimilater

    If it requires a significant back-end change then the project wasn't designed with enough modularity in the first place....

  • mcgroarty

    This isn't a 2 minute task.

    Switching tokens doesn't begin to address concerns like what happens with notification subscriptions that apply to the wrong profile, what happens to calls or screen shares in progress, whether the app mirrors Skype contacts to the alternate profile, etc. The development work would be extensive. And the privacy concerns about ensuring switching doesn't accidentally expose alternate profiles is worth a monumental QA project as well.

    We're asking for a big project here. But I suspect enough of us would be willing to pay for the $50/year Nitro on a second account that it would justify the work.

  • Stelard✨

    Even if switching tokens were that simple, that's not what I want! I want support for multiple simultaneous accounts. Or ideally multiple 'personas' on one account (since I might be more willing to get Nitro if I only had to pay for it once).

    Yes I know that's not what this suggestion says, but my own suggestion in which I proposed this was closed by Discord staff, saying it was a 'duplicate' of this one.

  • nuei

    @Stelard When you open up Discord, it shows the last state of your session: your selected server, selected channel, messages, users, everything. I'm assuming the same thing would also happen when switching between accounts. Isn't this functionally similar to having simultaneous accounts?

    Or are you suggesting like, the ability to have multiple windows at once with different accounts? That sounds useful, but I have a feeling Discord closed the other issue with the same initial mindset as mine ("multiple simultaneous accounts" is too vague)

  • Stelard✨

    @nuei If the account swap were instant, and I could still receive incoming messages from account A while using account B, then it might be serviceable.

    Regarding my other suggestion, I went into detail on how it would work for about a screen of text. How you'd decide which account to add a friend as, which account to join a server as, options for how to handle and prevent abuse, etc.

  • almostsuspense
    it'll be very usefull 👍
  • Stephen R. Smith

    I have a Discord login for personal use, and a different Discord login for work use, and I'd like to be able to use the app for both without mixing both accounts into a single one.

    I need to be logged into multiple different servers with different account IDs, it would be great if the Discord app allowed this. Right now I use the app for one and have to keep logging into the other via a browser, which is a PITA.

  • Chary

    As others mentioned, I have multiple accounts, one for online friends and another for more local friends. I know the Reddit app lets users manage multiple accounts. Slack essentially lets me join multiple servers (called workspaces) and create fresh profiles each time.

  • KappaclysmicEvent

    I hope this gets through.

  • dada513

    Btw twitter does this too (on mobile devices)

  • Audhumbla

    Just to add to the masses, I've wanted this feature for a while. I'm surprised it hasn't been implemented. I want to be able to have an easier procedure for accessing my work account and my personal. Right now having to log out of one into another means I don't get notifications for the one not signed in. Which is especially problematic for my phone where I've expected a message, and not seen anything because I was signed into the other. The best suited to me is as others have indicated toward (similar to an email client) being able to see when I have messages to check between multiple accounts and easily switch to that account.

    Yes, you can have it all on one account. But I want to separate my work servers /content from my personal servers /content. Having this feature would greatly improve the UI struggles I have with having to log out.

  • RockyRailroad

    If they could add server folders, this should be the next step. Discord, please.

  • FatRedBird

    Just want to add my support for this,

    I don't want to add twitter etc to my profile if my co-workers are going to see it.

    I don't want to type in a user name and password everytime I switch between work and casual.

    I just want to be able to press a button that swaps me from one account to another on my desktop or mobile, just like I can on twitter (android)


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