Way to save and switch profiles quickly



  • ßuracat

    A very necessary feature

  • LarryW

    This is easy enough for me to work around on my PC, but there is no work around for mobile devices, and that is where it will be most valuable. I use it most on my phone, but only one account because switching is such a pita right now.
    To those saying it would be easy to code this - you have no idea what you are talking about. I say this with 35 years of professional software development. That said, it would be nice to hear they are looking into this.

  • apple

    No idea how difficult it is to make this, but I can guarantee there is a demand~

  • TBM

    anyone have anything to add to what i said?

  • Plemso


  • MeLlamanHokage
    Also it would be cool to be able to "pop" into an account for testing purposes. If I want to test user experience on my server, I can "pop" into my alt on mobile and stay signed in to my main one on the desktop client. This way I don't have to constantly switch back and forth just to test how a new channel looks/behaves
  • effectivement ça serait pratique pour moi qui ait 3 comptes et éviter d'avoir quarante-douze instance de Discord ouverts

  • jgeekw

    My wife and I each have Discord accounts. It's annoying to have to log her out and then have to log back into my account. Please add an account switch feature. Google Chrome and YouTube have similar features.

  • Cazrep

    Thinking about this, it could be easily abused. I've seen larger servers get new users that are only there to spam or post obscene images, when they get banned they just join under another new account. This feature would make it easier for them to do that. Would do you need multiple accounts for? I suggested a "view server as user" feature which would allow you to view a server as a user with certain roles and such to test permissions, which is my reasoning for having a second account. 

  • Matin

    I am a Discord server admin (no surprise), a gaming community server. So i joined many other gaming communities servers (not limited to this reason) to observe and learn more about my community members needs to bring new ideas.

    Then I passed the maximum server joins! So to make my dashboard cleaner and create more server space for my account, I needed the second account.

    I think others could face this issue like content creators that joins a lot of other creators servers for the same reason.

    About the abuses case, multiple account login could be limited to a number like 3, 4 or 5. I guess no one needs more.

    However Ad spam (As far as i know), mostly are done by human accounts which are controlled by robots (Self-Bot). I'm not sure if Discord stopped it or not.

  • ΙtsiiDanoN🎄

    Sounds good honestly, I think this option is obvious for 21st century

  • holaa

    Me and my brother are using same account cause its hard to login again. it would be great to have multiple account login

  • mtkuhl

    I have an account for servers with people who know me IRL and an account where I try to minimize knowledge of my IRL identity. On my desktop, I can kind of manage by using the stable version and the beta version, but I can't do the same on my iPhone. And even on my desktop, I'd prefer being able to switch between accounts on the same application.

  • Crazy Nerd

    add a way to have your servers on your profile of discord at least 1 or 2. that way people can join your server if they want. too many servers are saying to not have ads anywhere making it hard to gain members.

  • Ricko276

    Somehow I have managed to create 2 discord accounts with the same name, but different #                I want to log into the other # and can not locate the password.  So I simply select 'forgot password' and changed my password for that account. NOW the # changed!    How can this be corrected/prevented from happening again?


  • Perry

    So many reasons here for wanting account-switching:

    1. Testing user experience for a user with different permissions. I've experienced this frustration myself. When I'm debugging server permissions, I have to ask a friend to test them for me.

    2. Shared devices i.e. family who shares the same mobile device.

    3. Identity protection, an account for IRL communication, and one for keeping identity secret.

    4. Work & play accounts. Similar to the reason above, but a different motive. As an indie game dev myself, I'm about to release my game and I want to keep the spam, feedback & criticism to an account I switch to and receive notifications for when I decide. At the end of the day, I want to let my hair down in a place of safety, surrounded by friends rather than a few hundred people who are all judging me for my work.

    5. Undercover moderation. The naughty kids all start behaving when the adult walks in the room; the same is true for a discord server when an admin shows up. History exists in text chat but not in voice chat.

    6. Roleplay. Although this reason is less 'important' than some of the others, Discord is a game community chat service, and there are lot of RPGs and MMOs out there with people itching to 'become' the character that they play. Several of my friends do this on other chat services.

    No doubt many others that I haven't seen yet.

  • Zadiox Hueicalon

    Bruh who is down voting this
    I suggested it to them a while ago but I think they're ignoring me :/

    But yes this should be a thing

  • SarahDark



    Hurry up with it already. This feature should be standard by now. 

  • Richard W

    Three words, "Work Life Balance".  Some of us are _required_ to have a "professional" discord account separate and distinct from our personal discord channel.  And then there are some of us that work for more than one employer that each requires a separate and distinct discord account.  That this is not already an option is myopic and speaks volumes.

  • mesub
    Sounds cool!
  • Nils

    Will this be implemented someday? The Thread is 1 year old. I wish it so much also.

  • ✡Harachi 666✡

    Je me suis fais hack

  • Mr.Mask

    Some would raid servers and not follow discord tos
    But thats not the point of the suggestion!
    its the idea to discourage it!

  • cark

    But this doesn't discourage it at all, it just makes it so much easier lol

  • Mr.Mask

    Im discouraging it and yet you will have to actually MAKE an entire discord
    So mostly it just might be like BetterDiscord

  • Mr.Mask

    If developer could add a Terms Of Dev thing there like ToS but better

  • xRokz

    @Altrunchen Actully TeamSpeak support this feature `Identity` thing

  • Dreams
    It would be way easier then logging in and out!
  • Commander GreyFox

    What would even be the Point in having more than 1 account?


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