Add functionality to nickname others



  • Valcrye
    while I understand what you mean by this, how like on steam you can assign nicknames, you can also use the "note" system by clicking on a user's name and assigning a note so that you have the info you need at one click
  • Discord Pedestrian

    No click is better than one click imo xd

    I would like it if you could "client-side nickname" anyone though, not just your friends.

  • Jonn

    All the emoji's and special characters people use in their name is a nightmare for accessibility. Being able to nickname people would help the usability of TTS by not making them have to constantly re-read the dozen of emoji's some people tact to the end of their names.

  • Spud
    I would find this suggestion very useful as a lot of my friends constantly changes their name.
  • Mos

    Really need that. Or client-side name change, or option to sort by note, or some client-side groups where i can put some contacts (only for me so they dont see each-other and i can see all my customers fast).

    For example in my case part of my work is in discord and to PM a customer (who can often change nickname and there is a lot of customers in general and amount is growing) i just need to scroll through all contacts and guess if he is my customer or i just played wow with that guy at some times.

  • newcumber

    This is definitely my biggest annoyance with Discord. I’m spoiled by apps like Whatsapp and Telegram using names from my phone contact book; by Steam chat’s ability to add nicknames to people; and, more than anything else, the fact that people don’t tend to change their nicknames in IRC. It’s such a seemingly minor thing, but it’s one of those small things that you only really appreciate when it’s gone. (Or maybe I’m just weird.)

  • casah_

    Superbe idée !!

  • sepasluinitoi

    Merci ! C'est juste que je trouvais ca utile car des fois les gens n'ont pas les mêmes pseudos partout et puis on peut renommer quelqu'un de façon sympa même si il le saura pas x)


  • kieranbroadmoor

    This would be very helpful. In skype we have the ability to edit a person's name as needed. A lot of my contacts in Discord use their RL names, but I only really know them with their Second Life name, and I often find it difficult to locate them.


  • MagnumLifeGaming

    Uhhhh, you can add notes to someones profile. It might not be exactly what you are looking for as the note only displays on the profile itself and you still see their wacky name. But it's a good workaround that I use very often until they actually add nicknames.
    What I am really waiting for is folders for DMs/friends list. That would be amazing. Now I need to type it in the note but that's not that helpful 😒

  • Vyper

    I would very much like to see this feature . Even if the original name stays like this for e.g “og name (nickname)”

  • Asodey


  • Barefoot Monkey

    If the devs drop everything just to add this feature it would be worth it, because inability to assign personal nicknames to other users is the single biggest downside to using Discord, which is otherwise absolutely wonderful. See how Steam does it - it works beautifully there.

  • MyriaCore

    This kind of feature is damn near required in any modern chat application. Even most sms apps let you do this, ffs

  • Philip™
    This is a good idea as my friends often have stupid names and I can not tell them apart.
  • grocal

    This should be a thing at least for friends. Right now I got bunch of them with nicknames that are in fact meaningless for me. I'd rather see the names/nicknames/aliases etc. set for them by me. Like, instead of DudeMe#1234 I should see Martin Smith which I set for that contact/friend.

  • Regnareb

    Even MSN had that... it's so basic and required in any chat software that it's shocking not to have it.

    Steam, Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, All those chat applications do it and they do it right.

  • 2thor

    This would be really handy! Like the feature Steam has

  • personne7952

    petit up 

  • Stockmon

    I think of it like your contacts list on your phone. Its your view of the interface, you pick what you label them as. Its frustrating not to be able to set how it displays on your end. Notes are to keep track, but I want to be able to set the display name as I see it in private chats. I mainly use Skype, which has this, I cannot fathom why this feature isn't in. Notes are truly not the same function. I keep checking to see if this becomes a thing, it is a big bother not to have this ability.

  • weshuiz13

    it's pretty akward when a friend chances name sends me a DM

    and then i ask who hey is and i realize it's him...

  • Anthony

    I think the main reason I want this feature is because some people will be in a server and they will choose a super offensive name. And since my phone is also my work phone, I don't want people thinking that I codone the names that they have selected. I block the people with the offensive names, but they still appear in the member's list. I would like the ability to either a) have them disappear from the members list when blocked or b) change their name and don't display their original name for my view.

  • Karate Wumpus
    You can always add it as a note:
  • Akuhime-sama

    Notes would work... if they actually worked... and discord team didn't decide to cap them randomly a few months back.

    People want the note limit removed though, so upvoting it can get it the attention it deserves.

  • Gooch

    Steam nicknames work. 

    You can see them in your friends list and don't have to dig around every time you want to know who it is. 

    Any nicknames you assign to people are only visible to you. 

    This seems like such an obvious feature to have in Discord and I was surprised to find out today that all the nicknames I've been setting are visible to all users on my Discord server.  I expected them to be only visible to me, like in steam.

    Notes are hidden away and not part of the users name, so it's not the same thing.

    Please add the ability to set nicknames for firends that only I can see right from the friends list without having to click somewhere else to find it.

  • SteveRedFox

    Yes please, this would be really useful.

  • Kizrak



    Please add Steam-like nicknames.



  • PowislanPrince

    after 1 year it still wasn't implemented :(

  • DeusIgnis

    @nelly Do we have a timeline on this feature?

    In the past 2 days there have been two related requests for this feature:

    This is one I have been hoping would be implemented for over a year, and I haven't seen anything. While notes do keep track of who's who, they dont give an 'at a glance' view of who are in my DM's (and require 2 clicks to view). I am mostly concerned about this as a DM feature where nicknames cannot be set.


  • David Orson

    Seeing that 2 years passed and none of this was implemented makes me really sad and disappointed.
    Yet another remindment what we need this for:
    1. People that often change their nicknames(both server and base) make it harder to keep track of who is who (Yes, notes help with this but not at first glance).
    2. Some people change their nickname to a mix of unicode characters which nobody wants to type when there is a need to ping that person. Yes, tags and autocomplete help with it but nitrousers can change them and thus we are at square one and the need to remember discord tags is quite strange.
    3. People that change their nicknames and avatar to look like others just for fun on servers that do not discourage this. And for users of compact mode just their nickname change is enough to cause problems.
    4. It is quite comfortable to have a single name for someone who you talk to on different servers or in DMs.


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