100 server limit



  • Noah
    This would be a huge nitro selling point for me; it seems everyday I'm having to leave servers to join a server that I'll just have to leave later. 👍
  • Stephen

    Why would you need this?

  • Champ

    I mean many people join 100 server so we can join more than 100

  • asheraryam

    I will buy nitro IMMEDIATELY if I get to have more than 100 servers.


    I have a lot of servers and I am currently making multiple accounts to be able to keep them.

  • almostsuspense

    " We will not be increasing the limit of the number of servers you can simultaneously be a member of. It’s not an arbitrary restriction, it’s there because cross-server calculations become exponentially more expensive with every new server you join. Multiply that by 90 million, and our servers would literally melt and our service would be unusable" - Dabbit

  • Duckers McQuack

    9 months later, still no lift of the limit. What's this site for then if no highly voted features are added?


    Then make it client side to offline the servers metadata on each new device. And it's for the pinging and new notifications right? Then make the notification/activity limit to 100 then.

  • almostsuspense

    As Dabbit said, the limit wont be increased.

  • Philip™
    The current server limitation is good I think so who needs more than 100 discord server.
  • gowilla hand
    100 is more than enough
  • scottrepreneur

    I will 100% pay for Nitro, at a manageably increased rate even, for this feature. Restricting 100+ to Nitro users minimizes strain and promotes premium subscription, no brainer.

  • Maverick Wolfe

    I just created a post for this myself!

  • gpf

    Anyone who is a member of 100 servers is just a waste of resssources for 80 of the servers, because he can't contribute to the servers at all. So it would be better to lower the limit, not increase it.

  • .froh

    A lot of serveur does advertise news (on games, on communities, etc). You don't need to contribute to the servs in order to read the news. So this argument is kinda bland.

  • arni_08

    The limit now is 100 servers

  • bean

    I agree with this, server limit should be removed.  Now for anyone who doesn't know what this is(since I didn't at first), server limit is something that limits the amount of servers you can be in.  Once you join 100 servers, you cannot join anymore.  For the people who think "that's not a big deal who would ever join over 100 servers!"  Youtubers.  Youtubers join a lot of servers.  Fan servers, their own servers, other youtubers's servers, basically what I'm saying is youtubers join a lot of servers.  Prove me wrong if I am, but I don't think I am.

  • Kasai [Yuppa] Gamma 1709

    there's a Splatoon server that directs you to other servers for stuff like matchmaking, I have a private server to test features in, anime servers for when a new season drops, servers for games I can't play while my PC's busted but would be pretty active on once I fix it eventually, servers for YouTubers, tech support, and memes.... I don't even have emote servers because I don't have nitro, but there are plenty of reasons for the average user to have a server they rarely use rather than juggle them (who wants to join/leave and deal with roles all the time anyway?)

  • LinkGanonSlayer

    Why not unlimited for all users instead

  • index.ts
    No, because what would happen when nitro runs out? What servers would you leave automatically? Also, the server limit is a physical limit not just a limit put in place for no reason
  • VisualFlips
    Dabbit denied this saying Discord's servers would melt so they are not going to add this, but don't give up your hope x)
  • apple

    If that's the case,

    I wonder if there could be some sort of lightweight membership.

    Something that says you're in a server (no need for new invite), but does not require as many cross-server calculations.

    Alternatively, I would be almost as content with one-button account switching (similar to what Facebook has).

  • mimiqui

    3000 or over for nitro 1500 for no nitro is it cool maybe

  • Zach

    Having the limit literally encourages making alternate accounts which is not good.

  • Inabiaf

    As a Nitro subscriber, this is pretty much the only thing that I want. I think it would be very nice to see an increase for basic accounts too, but especially for subscribers. Even if it means losing my subscription slices off the excess servers, it'd be better than what we have now, (That would be pretty terrible, but still) because at least you'd be able to temporarily join more if you wanted to.

    I am so tired of having to leave private servers and groups I have interest in just to join new ones. The amount I'm paying for this service is more than enough to account for whatever 'server strain' it might add. I mean, c'mon, Steam gives you up to 1000 groups for FREE and does the same cross-group calculations. You'd probably get more than enough new subscribers off this change to make up for the added cost alone.

    Discord, you asked me what I want, and this is it. Waaay more important than better streaming resolution or larger upload size if you ask me.

  • mimiqui

    please more servers 1000 or 2000 see even 3000 for which have nitro

  • Omnius

    I agree, im sick of having to go over which servers im in to figure out which one needs to go for more slots, i play lots of games, so im in lots of servers

  • kelvinnkat

    Look, people, I don't need "cross server calculations" or whatever it is that Dabbit was talking about. I just want to read news on Discord, chat on Discord, join giveaways involving Discord, and enjoy the other simple features of Discord. I have never heard anyone say that "cross server calculations are a life saver" or even that it's something that's nice to have. Also, again, news servers exist, so the "well, you shouldn't be in a server if you aren't contributing" is BS.

  • Erwinstein

    @kelvinnkat That "cross server calculations" thing that you don't give a crap about means that the current limit on the number of servers you can join is in place for everyone to have a smooth, fast, and stable Discord experience. Being it "become[ing] exponentially more expensive with every new server you join" literally means just that. The load in Discord's servers increases twofold(?) for every server you join. Of course I'm not a developer on Discord, and I think that statement is exaggerating it a little bit, but I at least think there's basis for this, and they surely did their testing/research before setting the limit to 100 (probably with rigorous testing to get that 100 is the sweet spot for the limit).

    If you still can't get this, imagine you're doing some kind of work that requires so much attention, then all of a sudden, someone talked to you, then another one, then some other thing popped up that you also need to do. What I'm trying to say is, just like Discord's server, things are hard to do simultaneously in real life, and the complexity/difficulty to do them increases exponentially as you add a new work to do simultaneously with others. Our brain would just probably overload if we continued working that way. This is why Dabbit joked (or maybe not joked?) about Discord's server literally melting if they increased the limit. Just like my example, the Discord's servers will do everything simultaneously too, and for every user online, for every server, and for every channel in the server they have joined. While we are human and the servers are computers, remember that computers have technological limitations as well. While this can theoretically be solved by adding more processing power (but will probably reach a point where it will be impractical and inefficient to add more because it will not be much help anyway), this would probably cost them more than they make.

    But hey, don't get me wrong. I so badly wanted them to increase the limit as well. But if it will make Discord a bad experience, I'll trust the developers. They know what they're doing. On the other hand, we're just people consuming their service (and probably only as a FREE user at that, like me).

  • Yullenator

    For the love of golly, please, yes, this. My main's on nitro, I had to move a bunch of servers onto my second account here on browser. I think nitro users at least should get more breathing room for server space, especially now with how many translation groups have their own servers now. I follow a lot of series/niches/interests/games, and fandom communities are extremely plentiful. Plus bot support servers, technology information servers to ask advice on, etc... I keep maxing out.

  • pigneedle


  • Cats777



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