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  • Luke18033

    Discord has now started rolling out a sticker feature, similar to what you'd see in some other messaging apps. The easy way to implement high-quality animated stickers would be to make them APNGs (this is in fact the format Apple recommends for iMessage stickers). Instead, Discord has chosen to implement them as canvas elements, which are then manually drawn onto. I really don't know why Discord seems to be so against implementing this. Is there some internal reason why APNGs in Discord really just would not work?

  • horrified of ice scream

    Yes, APNGs are superior to GIFs in every way possible. Please, add APNG support. It's such a useful format in modern times.

  • CyberneticSusurrus

    It is absurd that it's been 2 years and Discord still hasn't bothered to implement proper APNG support.

  • SP2G50000

    I agree, this REALLY should be supported.

  • Norway174


  • Robyn

    It's been 1 year sense i commented on this the first time, how is it still not a thing?

  • Spoom

    Hear my logic out here, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but...

    • Discord disabled APNG support to prevent people from circumventing a nitro subscription for animated profile pictures. Fair.
    • Embedded APNGs do not animated because the preview is resized. Makes sense.

    I'm sure we can agree APNGs need to be disabled for avatars, and we have already seen that Discord does exactly that, for embed previews. Why not just use that same method for non-nitro users' profile pictures?

    APNG is a huge step forward for information technology and this is exactly the kind of thing Discord should be supporting.

  • Honey soy chicken chips

    *please* add this omg

  • Dot32

    this would be so so much better for sharing game dev updates with people, and just better in every single way to be honest

  • Eti

    I think APNG just for text chat is more than acceptable. Disabling it on profile pics is not that big of a problem for most cases, as the small resolution of profile pics means that it is better to resize the gif, removing most color details - 256 colors would suit most of them.

  • Honey soy chicken chips


    while i do think .apng support is absolutely vital, i found a comparably good solution in the mean time. Uploading a .mp4 to imgur and then linking it to discord will have it auto play just like a gif, but with the quality and length of an mp4! This way you can avoid using gifs and still get the auto play smoothness associated!

  • Gabendo

    Honey soy chicken chips Yes, but as far as i know with .mp4 you can't have Alpha channel RGB+A (transparent background), maybe upload .webm to ingur?... But again .webm haven't good quality. We really need apngs support.

    Please Discord, add apngs images support.


  • SnosMe

    I hope that this only because of COVID-19, and we will see APNG support in 2021. I just want to believe in you guys Discord team.

  • Undefined

    How many votes before they actually do something...

  • I love Discord

    This would be very interesting to see fixed because animated PNG (Portable Network Graphics; .png)s and APNG (Animated PNG; .apng)s; otherwise, you have to click on the image and use the "Open original" link to see the original file. Basically, someone could claim to give you free Nitro by opening the original image file, but you instead could get epileptic seizures or maybe a gnome image or an image frame saying "HAHA YOU GOT SCAMMED XD LOL 😂."

  • Pikant


  • I think they removed it because people used apng as pfp.

  • SP2G50000

    @かわいいアニメの女の子💕 That was due to an oversight by Discord. They forgot to disable APNGs for profile pictures, but instead of adding proper support they gutted it out entirely.

  • Auracle

    Must be a really bad programmer to just entirely remove apng instead of converting apngs from avatar to png.
    The dev who did this deserve a big whole slap in the face.
    I want my APNGs.

  • YE4

    Bump! I hope they can enable APNG avatars for Nitro users as well in the future.

  • DrMeepster

    APNG is superior to GIF in basically every way

  • raspberry π

    give us our apngs man. 

  • Essem

    Disregard my previous comment regarding this; I no longer think that APNG support is worth implementing anymore. True, the format does have advantages over GIF, but it also has its fair share of disadvantages; for one thing, it's difficult to programmatically detect the difference between a normal PNG and an APNG, and the main "library" for handling them is just a set of unsupported patches for libpng. Efforts should instead be shifted towards supporting the AVIF format, which is already supported by Chromium and addresses flaws with both APNG and many other formats that came before it: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360050954394-Adding-AV1-and-AVIF-file-playback-on-Discord-for-user-uploads

  • Anthonytonyboy

    Just add it already *reeeee* I love high quality gifs, boring 256 colors gifs... smh

  • Kyubi

    Bump! Animated PNG support please!!
    (also maybe worth considering to also support webp but that might be a whole different matter)

  • SeHN

    +1 Get to it discord, no one wants to use such an outdated format as gif anymore

  • LittleParade

    Can't believe this thread is 3 years old, please allow discord to properly support APNGs!

  • Ione 15

    I fully agree, APNG is already used for STICKERS. (WIN and Browser and Mobile definetly have support for it)

    How to prevent apng on profile pictures: SIMPLY RESIZE IT. Its not that hard....

  • lé cekö

    Lmao they'll never bring it back now that we have stickers. Only reason you can't just copy paste stickers without nitro is because stickers are APNG and discord doesn't support it (outside of stickers I guess).

  • Auracle

    Aight I'm unfollowing this issue and I move to Guilded, they have apng support Im out of discord, too slow dev


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