Ability to remove/hide someone's profile picture on your server



  • waffles
    I feel this could be easily abused or misused
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  • Starfield_9
    How? This would be per-server, essentially a "profile picture block" server-wide.
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  • Twistedfork

    It would allow the server to stop ppl from using, channel based, inappropriat photos. Also it would allow ppl to easily recognize the mods on a Chanel if it was a big server with a lot of ppl, that is if it is role based.

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  • ActionScripter

    I would appreciate this feature. When enforcing a code of conduct on a particular server, it can seem overbearing to tell a user to change their profile image just to stay in the one server. Better to have the ability to just hide or change it for that server alone. 

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  • Forgi_Forgeth
    I know you mean well on moderation but that would mess with avatar preferences if we were to implement the feature you suggested.
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  • Northern
    If they aren't abiding by the rules just tell them to remove the profile photo (which most do) and if they don't remove them?
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  • Brittany.Raptagon

    Exactly my thoughts, ActionScripter9109.

    In SFW servers, we need to be able to remove or replace inappropriate images in profile pictures.

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  • charlychad

    i agree it would be a good idea

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  • SteveMutt

    this is a great idea for making sure people don't use innapropiate PFPs when in like a channel that a minor could perhaps see.

    now it definitly could be abused but I'd rather have it so I can do that instead of having someone having a naked girl as their PFP.

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  • Joseph

    Or you could even use it in better ways such as this one...

    Using it to remove peoples anime girl profile pictures, because that's weird (discord please don't ban me for saying that, lol).

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  • TheNoobiestNoob

    Really underrated suggestion

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  • Drae Acevedo

    Definitely could be used in Bigger servers that would just simply like to hide the user's Image. I mean, they let us already change their Nicknames to be appropriate instead of %#*just_bang3d_urMOM*#%. Changing Server Avatars would follow right in suit I feel like.

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  • UtMan88

    I'm managing a work-from-home server, and one of my coworkers has an inappropriate avatar. He's young and has this rebel side of him, but I would like the ability to hide his/all avatars for an instance like this.

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  • MonsterMMORPG

    We need this feature asap. Since we can edit profile names, why we can not set them to default avatar? Or hide their avatar from the rest of the server? Asking to change avatar is not the best way of handling and managing server.

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  • BestScripter

    This might seem like necroposting, but this feature should really be added considering how easy it seems to be to implement it. Many people appear to want it, and it wouldn't be of small use.

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