Add GIF picker to mobile.




  • moonlightcapital
    No thanks, mobile devices are already small enough, ad I don't see space for those buttons at all. Also remember that you can't buy Nitro on mobile, so the gift would have no purpose.
  • criptixo

    i don't really agree with this idea, since most of the keyboard already have a GIF picker.

  • Dora

    Good idea.

  • Katrin

    I personally would love this as friends and I like to have conversations using only GIFs as a form of communication.

  • ArticObsidian

    I have some friends that use other chats that have this feature and they have lots of fun with it, therefore they think the other app is superior 🙄. Can we just get the option to enable/disable so I can move on. Thanks.

  • Udesi

    I need this. I dont want to go back to whatsapp

  • Kriogenic

    Give me them GIFs!

  • nanospriggan

    We want those GIFs damnit!

  • Sephethus

    How does this not already exist???? Lame

  • TBlazeWarriorT

    Maybe not a GIF button, but we definitely should have a list to appear WHEN we type /tenor, like on PC

  • skidoLLaZ

    Agreeeeeee!!  Discord is getting better with gifs every update!  Just need to access gifs easily!


  • [BoP]Shadow

    Discord mobile replaced my clan's whatsapp group and the only thing people are really missing so far is easy GIF picking without having to use a bot.

    It already works brilliantly in the PC version, can't be that far of a fetch to get it going for mobile as well. :)

  • index.ts
    Because this isn't added yet, I use an app called GIF Keyboard (it's on iOS, not sure about Android). Just search Tenor in the App Store.
  • DMCPEPlaysOfficial

    You can just find GIFs on some websites, copy the link and add it to your message. The GIF must appear under the link. That's how it works on computer, too. Also, you can add GIFs via the way the person in the first person says.

  • Janel (quit)

    This is what I do, I just use the gif keyboard, But I mean it would be easier to have an integrated one like computer

  • Xcap

    also make it so you can actually play a video someone posts on discord without downloading it on mobile

  • ヤシュ ミッタル

    This feature request is not related to APIs.

  • Harnesh

    Yeees please, implement GIF on Mobile app, so I will keep flooding my friends with unnecessary moving pictures! :D

    No really it would be great to have access to the GIF database also in mobile app :)

  • markshire

    Please add this, would add a lot of functionality. Right now I have a really specific gif I want to use to reply to a thread but I can’t find it on mobile

  • skidoLLaZ

    You can also get a GIF keyboard which lets you stay withing the app at least (iOS)...still not as good as a GIF picker :(.

  • PiixieMayhem💫

    Would love to have this on mobile it would make everything easier and faster. I tried gif keyboards and they never work for me or take too long to search and upload

  • Kiarthros Toveke

    I routinely will grab my phone to send a gif on discord, only to realize that it can't be done. Which is really disappointing, especially when it can exclude you from a conversation. There are many times where words are not enough, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a gif is worth seventy six times that.

  • KevinWolf

    Why does Discord STILL not have this feature?

  • mason!
    Yes, it would be great to have a Gif Keyboard on the Mobile App like on the desktop. Maybe a simpler keyboard though.
  • Costpap
    Adding it to mobile would be super awesome. Most of the time, when I want to use GIFs, I'm on mobile, and the picker not being there prevents me from doing that easily.
  • Rippy™ (Stressed)
    Would love to see this as well, since I have to use Gboard to get the gifs and sometimes the gifs are incredibly small from gboard
  • assimilater

    This was the gui update we needed. Not the one they gave us

  • wiichicken

    This would be nice, but I think that the reason that it's not already there is because the keyboard that's built into most Android devices (Gboard) already has a gif picker that's actually better than Discords except for not having the favorite gif feature. But people that don't have a keyboard that has gifs or something like that would enjoy having this.

  • assimilater

    I just would like the gifs that I have saved synced with my desktop

  • Grogu

    Dude, Yes yes and YES. I don't like using 3rd party keyboards, especially on iOS. I feel the iOS version desperately need the GIF discord button over anything.


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