Image spoiler for mobile



  • PBLivingston91

    How is this still not a thing?

  • AshValen

    So I found a workable solution for this problem, step are as follows:
    1. Paste a picture you want as spoiler in your personal server.
    2. Copy the URL of that picture from share section.
    3. Before using that url make sure to add tag like || url || this.
    Hope it helps mobile user especially Android.
    Have a good day 😊

  • opbidu

    On iPhone, you have to save the image to the Files app and rename it there. Then, share the image directly from Files

  • GhostWolfe 狼憑

    We don’t want iffy workarounds that don’t always work, we want reasonable parity with the desktop version. This feature is long overdue.


    Can we add a way to make spoilers on mobile? It's rather frustrating when I want to share something and I can't because I can't spoil images/videos. Come on discord, we are heading for 3 years with the same issue.

  • dx/dt

    Since this has been here a while, I created an iOS Shortcut to do just this. You'll need to go into Settings → Shortcuts and enable "Allow Untrusted Shortcuts" in order to use it.

    You can then send one from the Share Sheet by passing it into the shortcut, or running the shortcut directly and choosing an image or video. In either case, you will be prompted to share again. Just tap Discord and it will be marked as a spoiler.

    Note, the method it uses is renaming the selected file to SPOILER_* in-memory and then sharing it to Discord. It worked for me, but apparently this method may not work for everyone. YMMV.

  • Keziah

    It's been 3 years. Discord please it's an easy fix.

  • Joeymtl

    The absence of this simple feature after 3 years should be an embarassement to the Discord team. 

  • kevinGW

    How is this not yet a thing? Such an easy thing that is so annoying.

  • Star


    Ridiculous that this is not yet a feature, and even more ridiculous when paired with the fact that people have been asking for this for 3 years now.

  • Anxiety

    went looking for a solution and just found another reason to be disappointed in discord's development. waiting 3+ years for something as simple as this is just ridiculous. 

  • kamegha

    Discord, this is extremely important to communities. Especially as communities try to protect their members from triggers. I’m sure Mobile devices are not an insignificant portion of your user base.

  • LettuceWulf

    On iOS go to the Google Chrome app>click on the three dots(top right)>scroll down and select request desktop>search up discord then sign in>double click the “+” button>select photo library>select the image/images>click add>check the “mark as spoiler” box>upload and yw.

  • dx/dt

    @LettuceWulf I see. So your solution to "I want to have this web/desktop app feature in the mobile app" is "use the web/desktop app"? And you feel we should thank you for this?

    If that's what we're doing, I have an even cleaner solution. People should just write their own Discord clients for their individual mobile platform! I recommend using React Native, and yw.

  • LettuceWulf

    Dear @dx/dt:

    The problem is that Discord mobile doesn't have an option to mark images as spoilers, so my solution was to use Google Chrome app’s request feature to allow you to mark images as spoilers. Your interpretation of Discord mobile’s problem is that we want discord mobile to have an option to mark an image as a spoiler.

    “We want” and “doesn’t have” are two different things. I was taking time out of my day(which I didn’t have to do, so that is why I expected people to be thankful) to give the most convenient solution that I myself know of to help other people solve this problem. Also, you stated, ‘“I want to have this web/desktop app feature in the mobile app,”’ which if it were the case then we could go to discord’s mobile feedback and make a post there suggesting this change, but most people are talking about ways around the problem instead of immediately fixing it. 

    Discord mobile has a lot of problems with it, but unfortunately, they can’t exactly fix them all simultaneously. If we are going to solve this then we should click on the link below and make a suggestion. Discord might take notice of a post if it gets enough attention, and focus on adding spoilers to images quicker. I hope you understand and we’re able to get past this slight misunderstanding. Thank you for your time.



  • PBLivingston91


    "Text chat" is also a valid place for this topic, as it has to do with text chat in the mobile app. Your suggestion is another workaround added to the pile. Thank you for the option, but if you look at all the comments, people generally aren't looking for the workarounds that have already been discovered/discussed.

    Some may also be unaware of what app development is like (I'm only vaguely aware), but expressing our desire for a particular feature isn't unfair. We're not harassing the mobile app development team or the discord team as a whole - we went through a perfectly valid channel to express our desire for a feature. Maybe another thread in the "Mobile" category would bring more attention to the topic, so that could be a good idea, but I think people also try to avoid making duplicate threads.

    If you look at the comments, you'll see that the suggested solutions people bring are widely downvoted and responses mention that we are not looking for workarounds. Many of us probably already use one or more of the workarounds because the feature isn't part of the app yet.

  • Metzgirl (she/her)

    Let's also support this option. Here is a request under the Mobile section.

  • MetalDrummer23

    The double pipe before and after only works with text, it doesn't appear to work on images. The only way I've found it works with images is if I use a browser for discord, which is inconvenient. I also hear you can change the filename, but that also feels unnecessarily inconvenient. Could just have a button to hide spoiler-sensitive content just like on PC.

  • Ayelis

    How is this not a thing yet?

  • REMCodes

    3 years and this still isn't a thing...? I created a meme server, and I want to mark explicit memes with a spoiler so people don't see it if they don't want to. Please add, discord!


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