Server Previews



  • moonlightcapital
    Something like this already exists and it's currently being tested
  • Chikage

    A widget preview too

  • jablonx

    This feature is really necessary.

    When sharing a server, or a specific message, the web interface of discord should show the server or message, and the "add message" text field at the bottom should be replaced by a Join Server button.

    This is what every other chat app is doing.
    Example: Matrix chat (Riot)

    Sometimes you want to share a message form a public server, and you want others to see it without having to sign in or sign up.

    It also opens the possibility to do message previews when social sharing a link to a specific message to telegram, whatsapp, twitter, or wahtever.

  • Magicjon3

    this is a bad feature.. now scammers dont even need to join the server to target members... omg, you made our server hard to manage. 

  • Tsukiyomaru0

    Scammers will find targets one way or another, but the way they usually DO is by joining the server anyways.

    This would also help to scan servers that may be problematic (for example: contaminated by toxic people, or dealing with shady stuff) or orphaned (as in: no one does anything to it or barely does anything anymore, so it is “dead” or dying")

    Not only that, harassment can happen “behind closed doors”, by having a victim banned and then badmouth them, create false rumors, spread the hate, set targets, etc. without the victim being unable to act nor prove anything. And since Discord lacks proper reporting features, one could effectively make a hate group and mask as something seemingly tame.


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