Previewing servers



  • ProxDee222

    Discord please, hear our prayers.

  • Seki

    A preview would be really helpful. At the moment, the only way to do this is opening the invite link in a private tab or something and creating a temporary account. To do this on a phone, you even have to use the desktop mode which is a chore to operate on such a small screen. And after looking at a server, you just let the temp account die, confusing other members of the server. This is not very user-friendly.

  • jablonx

    This feature is really necessary.

    When sharing a server, or a specific message, the web interface of discord should show the server or message, and the "add message" text field at the bottom should be replaced by a Join Server button.

    This is what every other chat app is doing.
    Example: Matrix chat (Riot)

    Sometimes you want to share a message form a public server, and you want others to see it without having to sign in or sign up.

    It also opens the possibility to do message previews when social sharing a link to a specific message to telegram, whatsapp, twitter, or wahtever.

  • LegoBug4975

    Well, I have a problem with this feature. I try to just join a server but I'm stuck in preview mode. I've let it 'join' for 15 mins and it didn't.

  • I am having a problem with preview and I can't join the server or leave but have myself get kicked by the owner, and then once I get my roles back it goes back into preview mode and it's really annoying.


  • Ac

    I’m in preview mode for a server and it would let me join to talk

  • Opii🪐

    After i take some role for myself, i will turn into preview mode and ask me to join to talk but i click the join, it doesn’t works. please help this

  • TBAone

    I request Discord to enable "Public server previewing." Current situation is that if I click on any Public server, it shows up on my side bar, and if I want to exit from it, then I receive a warning that I cannot join it again until I am re-invited there. This is not good.

  • Piggyfacepork

    I think this would be a very useful thing to add to the community features.

  • hsitirb yob

    how view server me banned from?

  • Exibits

    Can i actually see if someone is in preview mode on my discord server without joining?


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