• yaboired

    You can get the ID of a role by tagging it in chat and copying its ID like anything else. Emotes, I'm not sure though. If you're talking about actual Unicode emojis, you can just send those directly, but server emotes are a separate thing.

  • Eti

    This would be more than welcome in my book. Coding bots to use role pings and emojis is a little bit irritating. I'm not going to go overboard and say it's a hassle, but the extra steps are certainly less than desirable.

    My current solution for role IDs is to make a temporary channel that only I can see - namely in order to avoid making the members of said role get irritated - ping the role with the special formatting, copy the ID, then delete the channel after.

    To be able to copy IDs for roles and emojis from their respective menus in the server config pane would be a huge quality of life improvement. If this isn't really possible, then at least being able to right click them in the chat to copy their ID would be a welcome change.

    Definite support from me.

  • Brilliant

    There is a way...

    Open the emoji panel and make sure you have the emoji you want to use.

    I will be using a custom emoji.

    Next, open up the Developer Console, using Ctrl-Shift-I,then Ctrl-Shift-C. Click on the emoj you want to use.
    Provided you have done that correctly, something blue will show in the console. Look for a long link looking similar to this:

    If you only want the ID, copy the thing between the emojis/ and the extension.

    (In this case it is 587026903584735243)




    To use this in channel description, all you have to do is get the name of the emoji. In this case it is :beeg:.

    Then, create a long string looking like this:


    In my case it is <a:beeg:587026903584735243>

    Hopefully, if all else goes well, you have the ID of an emoji and you can use it in a channel description!


  • dontjustsurvivee

    For custom emoji IDs, go into a channel of the server that has that specific custom emoji, type \ followed by the name of the emoji you want the ID of, 

    example:  \:emoji:
    When you hit enter it'll automatically switch to: <:emoji:emoji_id>

    The long number is the ID of the custom emoji and you can copy/paste the entire thing if you want the custom emoji in an embed, if that makes any sense (sorry if my wording is bad i'm 16 ahhh)

  • Brilliant

    Wow. There's always someone better than me. Good job though lmao

  • gootie3

    Is it possible to use this for things like GIF emojis without nitro, emojis that arent in your server etc.?


  • Techno1Monkey

    You can get the ID's with:

    • \:emojiname:
    • \#channelname
    • \@rolename
    • \@username
  • Clippyツ



  • shinori

    how come when i try to get an emojis id by doing "/:emoji:" it wont let me send it? it makes the screen shake, like when you have slowmode on and you cant send a message yet?

  • Rug

    / is for commands

    \ is for escaping characters which is what lets you see the emoji code.

    The slash that you use matters

  • steff le big panda

    THE VERY EASY WAY - without console

    open discord in your browser:

    find ANY server emoji and hit RightMouse then "Open Picture in new Tab"

    URL should look like this: "ID" .png

    literally takes 2 seconds

  • Sarena ✘ᴮᵒᵒᴹ

    Dooing \:emoji: the id apears for 1 sec only and then disappear Help me pls


  • nitolar play

    Click edit message and copy a content of it.

    Sarena ✘ᴮᵒᵒᴹ

  • اعتزال


  • ExPooL

    Помогите пожалуйста , на телефоне как отправлять гиф стикеры без нитро умоляю

  • abinashmohanty

    What's the solution for the default emoji list? 
    I checked a lot of tutorials, specs, and it seems these emojis don't have IDs

    For example if I use a custome emoji it takes like this

    But, for discord default list of emojis it doesn't work :( see below. 

    See, it doesn't generate any code. I have tested many times..

    Any help?

  • Heey:3

    type: \:emojiexample: and give to you <a:1234Example:123123452154321>


  • PokestarFan

    How is it almost 2022 and this still isn't a thing? Come on Discord!

  • M4JOR

    For those of you still facing a problem, here's the solution

    • enter custom emoji in the text box input
    • enter \ before emoji
    • send message to chat
    • message will transform into something like

      <:emoji_name:emoji_id> and then suddenly it will disappear like :emoji_name:

    • so to resolve that:-
    1. edit the message 
    2. copy that
    3. then paste it, you will exactly get what you needed ;)
    • added gif for reference
  • G4b1tz

    For those that try it and it doesn't work for them, it's because

    it doesn't work for the default emojis, only for the custom ones.


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