Custom bot avatars



  • Ben!
    Just because the bot is in your server doesn’t make it yours. The bot owner should be the only one allowed to change the pfp of their bot that they made (or host). If you make/host a bot, you can change the pfp to whatever you want.
  • Karam

    That's true, but let us say you are having a bot, made by others, which are owned by 2 million other Discordians, then what do you do? They all said that it was a Discord Limitation, and I just call it what it is: bs!

  • DoomSkuller

    Negative, ghost rider. Bots are user accounts like the rest of us, cant change their pfps one place without changing them for everywhere. 

    However, some bots let you download and modify them and with that you can give them their own name and pfp that way, but then the bot is specific to itself and any servers you add it to (i.e. a modified version of Nadeko won't share the same global economy with the original Nadeko)

  • Conner
    already denied before if I'm not wrong
  • Eternita

    yes please, this feature is truly needed.


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