Get rid of the four digit tag numbers at the end of usernames



  • drew

    e_block you can literally just use one comment to say everything you just said. Instead, discord sent four individual emails to my inbox and I literally can't unsubscribe from the thread.

  • Groot

    Mate, there's an unfollow button you can press next to the "Get rid of the four digit tag numbers at the end of usernames" at the top of the page. It says there are currently 67 people following this thread, one of them being me. Press it and, what do you know? You unsubscribe from the thread!

  • drew

    I clicked 'unfollow' on this thread 3 months ago and I still get emails about it.

  • AX3M

    What the f*** did I just witness?

  • e_block

    Maybe you witnessed chaos?

  • Mr. Meeseeks

    Oh man. Very Good thread, better than the educational system.

  • Uver

    I just lost so many braincells from that

  • SuperNova15

    Im not sure what I just witnessed but I think I now have like -99999 brain cells remaining

  • luke

    I don't understand is this a joke or something? As literally every single person on this thread has said the numbers are there to make it so people can have the same username and be distinguished, not causing any system errors. the reason why other services don't have this is that only one username can be taken once while on discord you could have tons of usernames the same.(besides the number ITS WHAT MAKES  THE ACCOUNTS DISTIGUISHABLE) 

  • MarSprite

    I've been a Discord member for years now, and I've always hated this system. Not because we're forced to have numbers, but because Discord doesn't allow you to configure them to your liking at account creation.

    I don't think that having them is bad per se, I like the obfuscation layer between my account and my email. It adds an extra layer of security in a world where our login credentials usually involve our email address. I like that I can give someone a unique identifier to look me up that isn't my email address. I like that the portion that makes each of the 9999 potential users of a name 'unique' is usually hidden from chat-logs, it definitely cleans up the text. Although, in the 15 or so years I've been using my name, it's been pretty rare that I haven't been able to get it. Facebook wouldn't give it to me when I needed an account with them to socialize on my Oculus Quest though. =(

    For those saying that we can just get Nitro and set them to whatever, that's got a caveat. Once you do so, if you want your number to remain static, perhaps be something you can have posted in a social page- well then you can never cancel your Nitro.

    Once you cancel your Nitro, they randomize your number. This is a deliberate blackmail of sorts, they are trying to make Nitro desirable by deliberately making the service less convenient for you if you don't pay for it. They hold your very identity hostage and take it from you if you choose not to pay. is the only other service that I am aware of using a similar system. A key difference is that they allow you to customize your number one time after creation for free. It's a permanent change that doesn't go away if you cancel a payment plan with them. They do charge more than Discord if you want to change it again, but since it's a one time fee and not a subscription that gives you a random tag after you cancel it, is it really more?

    I've never been so silly as to believe they would make a change to this functionality. It exists in this form because they want it to. Randomizing your number when your Nitro expires is not accidental, it did require additional lines of code. This is a 'feature' that they benefit from.

    I'd like them at the very least to not randomize your number after discontinuing Nitro. Optimally they would also give you one opportunity to set it to another number for free. I already gave up on hoping for this after I found out that they randomize your changed number when you cancel Nitro.

  • artren

    Activision Blizzard is worth around 20 billion dollars and they have around 10,000 employees. They develop and publish video games. Their main focus is definitely not a chatting app like Discord.

    Discord generates its revenue with the nitro subscriptions. They do not develop and publish games, they provide a chatting app. And they need to generate revenue. If they allow changing the discriminator for free, then most people wouldn't buy a nitro subscription because changing it is one of the main things about a nitro subscription.

    Why the hell would you even complain about a companys main revenue model. Your comparison between Discord and makes no sense at all.

  • TrollBond

    I don't know why the little shits here are downvoting OP's suggestion. This has been bothering me a lot. Stupid hashtags. Just give us a unique username. I don't want another impersonator with same username with just different numbers.

  • m o l a n g

    > I don't want another impersonator with same username with just different numbers.

    Listen, the tags exist so that people who aren't so fortunate with their usernames can still have the one they want. There is no "This username is taken!" issue with discord, and that's what I - and many people people - love about it! You know what they say...

    If you don't like it, leave <3


    > Just give us a unique username. 

    That is what the tags allow you to do! If someone already took your ideal user before, you can still use it! It's more annoying in my opinion to see "casxx44754958" because the user might be taken.


    As others have said, if you don't want the string, just get Nitro and change it to something simple!

  • DetectiveScarletEyes

    Spent an hour reading this and considering each person's point of view to see which side I wanna take.

    Still don't know, but it was fun! I hope this still continues lol. I'm going to bookmark this and come back in a year or so to see how you all are doing. 


    (No disrespect to you guys at all btw, I just found this whole thing very amusing. Personally, I don't care about my username. I change it like every three days, so people can never remember me anyway.)

  • kerp1unk

    i have absolutely no idea what i just read,,, how can someone be that stubborn? your username is username#0000 and all you see is the username part everywhere. the tag part is only so that people can add you and it's only on your profile. this is bizarre- like you don't need the definition of a username to understand how this works. its been clearly stated multiple times and it's how discord is??

  • Panda

    That was the single stupidest argument I've ever read, get a grip a remember a couple numbers. It's not hard just to check your phone to see what the numbers are if you're adding someone if it really is that hard to remember.


    I seriously don't get why it's so hard to remember four digits like you would a street number or your phone number lmao. This is such a petty reason to not use Discord, because literally the more you use it and look at your username, the better you'll get at remembering the tag. I'd say to get it on mobile so you can just access the tag right there when giving your name to people, or have it in your notes app or something, but that's apparently too much effort.

    To be completely honest with you, it did bug me a bit as well when I first joined, but simply ignoring it and interacting with servers and users that I like made me completely forget I was ever mad about it. Once people have you added they're not even concerned with your tag anymore anyway, and no one gets a say in it. Even nitro users who change it get another randomly assigned one once their subscription ends, so don't act like four numbers added to your name is the end of the world. Everyone treats your tag as separated from your name, trust me.


    This thread was so depressing

  • BKinney

    I agree with some of the OP's points: the ideal system for users would be one where the 4-digit ID, if it exists, can always be changed, and defaults to something easy to remember (like 0000 or 0001 if you're the first person with that username), and maybe where people can search for other Discord users by username so even if you don't remember your ID, other people can find you by your profile picture (guessing it or having you tell them).

    The main potential downside to letting people change their tags for free is that Discord costs money to run, and restricting this feature to Nitro gives people one more reason to pay for Nitro instead of just enjoying Discord for free (and the same for not resetting the 4-digit ID once Nitro expires).

    As for whether to use the Discord system or the Twitter/Instagram system, there are benefits and downsides to both.

    With the Discord system, most of the time you can go by exactly the name you want to be, without having to worry about someone else in the world having that name (unless you're both in the same server). You only have to worry about your 4-digit ID when you're adding someone as a friend who isn't in one of your servers, or when you're checking to make sure someone isn't an impersonator.

    But on the other hand, some people might have trouble remembering their 4-digit ID (even if they could choose it themselves), and even if you remember your own, other people might not remember theirs, and in some cases they might not have easy access to it (such as if they left Discord off their phones due to limited data plans or storage space, not wanting distractions/notifications on that phone, or having limits from their parents if they're young enough for that to have an effect).

    Even if the Twitter/Instagram system is the best overall, the Discord system is so ingrained in the technology that it would be difficult to change it (based on what I've read in this thread), and so it wouldn't make sense to put in the effort to change to a new system unless the majority of users wanted the change, and wanted it enough to make it more important than the other things the Discord employees were thinking of improving instead.

    (Another effect of Discord's system, and to not allowing people to search by username, is that people from outside Discord can't track you down without already knowing your 4-digit ID. This is helpful in cases where someone sees your username on another service and wants to contact you for malicious/harassing purposes, and cases where you know about them already and don't want them to contact you.)


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