Increase the limit of user created notes, or remove the restraint.



  • Haz

    Angry, fix pls

  • Łêõ

    I'd like to suggest one of several things:

    A: Increase the capacity of notes we're allowed to add above 500.

    B: Remove the limit altogether.

    C: Add the ability to manage your notes. I was advised by Discord support to start removing notes, but this is difficult when a lot of users I've added notes to are no longer on the server. Meaning I'd need to remove notes from people I still interact with to make new ones- which is kind of counterproductive.

  • Jahus

    A place for managing the notes would be very welcome, indeed. It would be like Friends list, and would show all people we've taken notes about. Add an option to select multiple ones and remove/erase the notes about them. Filter by people in servers where we are, sort by last modified date, etc.

  • Togusa

    To be honest, it's utterly ridiculous to suggest that users should remove notes on people to make space for more notes.  The notes are a storage space for your thoughts about and memories of the people you interact with.  You're basically being asked to delete parts of your memory.  Deleting old notes is problematic - not only can you not locate the users if they're no longer on your servers, but also it's those very users who you need notes on to remember about them if they ever *do* show up again.  And it makes no sense to delete notes on current users, either, since you're still interacting with them, and remembering certain things about them via your notes (especially on a service where names are fluid) is still useful.

    It's so frustrating when a company ignores such an obvious user interface problem or simply refuses to acknowledge the logic of fixing it.  It's a no-brainer.  I hate how companies use forums like this to placate users, making them think that their voices mean something when in reality this is just a black hole for user complaints to be safely ignored.  At least, that's how it feels when our frequent calls for the obvious fix (remove the limit) are not even acknowledged by anyone from the company, ever.

    Fix the problem, already!  :angry_eyes:



  • Ardate


    As a mod on a 15K+ discord server, keeping notes is vital to keep track of rulebreaks. 500 notes is clearly not enough for huge communities like this.

    I am aware Discord didn't plan on having such huge servers when it started off, thinking it would be for small friend groups like on Skype, but the facts are that servers have become something way bigger than anticipated and the note-taking needs to reflect the current demand. 

    Please either up the limit a LOT or remove the cap altogether!


  • Togusa

    I have to reiterate once again, as other users have said: Storing the history of all the channels in all the servers takes up way more space than unlimited notes ever could.  There's no reason at all to have any limit on the number of notes, other than to inconvenience and annoy the users.

    If there is a legitimate reason, tell us.  Otherwise, fix this by removing the limit.  Stop ignoring the problem.


  • LinkGanonSlayer

    Completely remove the limit

  • raterix

    This still has not been officially addressed. Incredible.

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  • Togusa

    Every time a new update comes out, I am hopeful that they've finally done this obvious fix.  I click the green down-arrow icon to restart (PC version).  Then I go into one of my server's more recent new users and add a brief note.  Close it.  Re-open it.  Utter an epithet.  Sigh.



  • Mochi Chewy

    I think we should msg support about increasing note capacity or removing limit till they start noticing us. For someone in the gaming community it's very important we make notes in case someone is toxic or a pervert. I'd like to know so I don't have to deal with them twice. 

  • riczio2

    This is pointless to comment this topic. They already see or not it's necessary or not... We can talking about it few months and we didn't see update with that so...

  • Typhoon

    Seven months. I've dropped out the idea to meet new people on Discord since this has not been fixed and makes meetings so painful. Such an unbelievable waste.

  • Hero247

    Dear Discord Team, 

    Please fix the Note taking limit issue - i have a lot of friends all over the world - but everytime someone comes up to me in hopes of me remembering them, i have to dissapoint because in 80% of the cases they changed their profile picture and name - leaving no chance for me to remember them - notes were a great fix for this issue - but since i hit the limit - i sadly had to dissapoint multiple people because of my bad memory and inability to read minds.

    So please delete the note limit... So i can look like the awesome guy that remembers them and make them happy again. 

    Thank you for your time, 


    A User that needs your help.

  • snappadoodle

    Please.  I've written notes on people now I can't add new notes because of the limit.  I've lost contact with many of the people i've written notes on.  Please lift the note limit!

  • someone named prima

    so apparently the discord team doesn't read these suggestions or replies to them...

  • I lov this feture, but why ther is a limit to begin with?

  • merlin2v

    If it's a server problem then you could allow for notes to be saved directly on the device instead of the server. Notes help allot and It would help even if it's just accessible on one device.

  • Дракоша

    I support the idea in order to increase the limit of notes or remove it. I was also advised to delete old notes, but it is quite difficult considering the fact that many users have changed their discord or stopped using it. I hope to soon increase the limit or remove it.

  • NoWayMyBaby

    One gay zactavil menya eto napicat sorry

  • GuardianPhoenix

    Never even knew there was a limit!

    If they're THAT concerned about storage of notes, then they can simply add a checkbox within the notes pane: "Store on cloud [x / 500]", otherwise- notes are held locally on the device.

  • alma

    I am having the same issue! Discord, please fix!

    I find it incredibly useful in keeping track of who people are in servers and in my friends list, as discord allows people to change tag and icon very often. I thought my account was bugged when my notes first started being unable to save. It would be so helpful to have a way to mass delete notes, at the very least. The 500 limit would be fine if I could delete the notes from people that I no longer have contact with. As it stands, I have to either stop using this feature or delete notes from people I still interact with.

  • gothikacc

    Je fait suite a mes emails et réponse reçu : 

    Je viens ajouter également une demande d'augmenter les note sous le profil des personnes a de l'illimiter en nombres ou alors nous donner la listes des personnes ayant reçu une note et le choix de la supprimer ou non, je suis stafienne sur un jeu, mon discord n'est pas nouveau et de ce fait j'ai atteind les 500 notes ..... Malheureusement plusieurs joueurs on désactiver leur discord et supprimer, d'autre que j'ai bloquer, d'autre que j'ai retirer de mes amis, de ce fait je ne peut pas retirer les notes mise mais qui reste comptabiliser !

    Merci d'avance


  • Togusa

    Unlimited notes helps promote racial equality!

    Jason Citron, Discord's CEO, just released an announcement today titled:

    Our stand on racial equality

    which expresses the company's official policy about combating racism and injustice.  The banner on the Discord app pointing to this announcement says "What we're doing to fight racism and white supremacy.  Black Lives Matter."

    The announcement can be found at


    If the company is serious about fighting hate on Discord, a big way they can do that is to let us take notes on all users.  In other words, remove the limit on how many users we can keep Notes for, and increase the size of the Notes field.

    Notes is one of the most effective ways we have of tracking user behavior and being able to follow up with helpful historical documentation whenever it becomes necessary to report bad user behavior to the Discord Trust and Safety team.

    Show us that you mean what you say about improving Discord in this area, Jason.  Remove the Notes limit.



  • 2021 BC

    I don't know if anyone else noticed, but i could finally add new notes after 1 year + of not being able to.

  • Typhoon

    > I don't know if anyone else noticed, but i could finally add new notes after 1 year + of not being able to.

    Omfg, FINALLY. Thank you so much for the report, I just had dropped any hope to try! Damm, it wasn't too early. I'm so glad to be finally allowed to take notes again though.




  • Vedinsoh

    > I don't know if anyone else noticed, but i could finally add new notes after 1 year + of not being able to.

    I have noticed the same thing the other day, looks like they finally listened! Feels good to be able to save notes again, I hope we won't hit the new limit soon (if there is any). I hope we will get an official statement on this so we know what's happening before another outrage on this page.

  • acdcsteve

    Not working for me yet, what version are you guys on? Mine:

    Stable 62872 (dc34a3b)
    Host 0.0.306
    Windows Server 2008 R2 / 7 64-Bit (6.1.7601)
  • Typhoon

    @acdcsteve I'm on

    Stable 62780 (bd33cff)
    Host 0.0.306
    Windows 10 64-Bit (10.0.18363)

  • To you think there is another, bigger limit? :v


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