Allow custom status per server



  • Need More Sleep

    Please add custom status for individual servers

  • RogueRowynn

    I think it would be great! I am a moderator on one server (connected to a Minecraft server, of which I am also a moderator), and it would be helpful to have a status saying something like, "DMs open if you need help!" just since I can't always get on. That's only one example that I can give, but I'm sure it'd be super useful for others in other situations.

  • aravind

    Badly need this!. I manage multiple servers, some are casual and some are professional.

  • Santa

    Yes please!

  • Aitor

    Yeah, this would be great, i use my account both for my workplace server and for game servers, so it would be great to be able to be set as active in my workplace server while i work and invisible globally, and out of work active globally but invisible in the company's server. 

  • VisdethLatgehr

    This would be great, as I am in a few servers with very strict rules, and would like to be able to not show/have a differing status for those servers.

  • [P] Will

    2 years later and no hint of this very useful feature being implemented. Might wanna scrap this one guys..


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