Disable custom status in appearance settings



  • DoubleATam

    This please. I like my friends a lot but I can't really handle knowing their mood at all times, it gets kinda contagious and is part of why I left social media.

    On top of that it's distracting, especially when people in servers are obnoxious on purpose

  • Xirix

    I'm all for this, I have some people in some servers with custom statues I don't care for and I don't want to see because it annoys me, plus as with any feature added to a program there should be an option to disable/hide it in settings incase people don't like it.

  • Ajedi32

    Agreed. I like being able to see at a glance what games my friends are playing so I can decide if I want to try to join them in whatever game they're playing and party up. If they have a custom status set though, that information is hidden behind an extra click.

  • Slushi

    I'll admit this feature is highly needed. Not only in user settings to disable showing custom statuses, there should be a feature for servers where they can disable seeing statuses in their server. Some people tend to advertise their servers via Custom Statuses or even put swear words in their custom statuses for PG Servers to see. 

  • 0_Chameleon_0

    I agree, as a Community Server Administrator, we see many innapropriate Status' . I feel under server configuration we should have the option to toggle Status' on or off. I also don't see an option the report innapropriate Status' to Discord Trust and Security. (Also innapropriate Names)


  • AntiAshleigh

    I'd like to be able to turn off being able to see them, since in several servers I am in, most of the people there have hate messages and requests for nudes and other things. Just being able to have a setting where I can opt to not be able to see their custom status would be a wonderful thing.

  • WorldofBay

    Plus for this, custom statuses are highly annoying. i don't want to see your motivational or pseudo-deep statuses. i sometimes want to see your game and i'm ok with always seeing your game. i'm not ok with seeing your custom status.

  • Pinyaps

    This would be really nice to have.


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