Gifs Won’t Work



  • Reason

    I’m having issues with gifs playing as well as videos. Only on mobile and only recently. None of the above fixed it.

  • Jai-Django-SX


  • Toxxyc

    I have the same issue.  On the desktop app (Win 10), GIFs and videos play laggy and choppy.  Works fine on mobile.  I've tried:


    1.  Restarting Discord.

    2.  Reinstalling Discord.

    3.  Checking for and running all updates.

    4.  All the options mentioned above, like bandwidth limiting, auto-playing, etc.


    GIFs and videos work perfectly fine everywhere else.  It's just on Discord, and just the visuals.  Choppy videos still sound fine.


    Is there an ETA on the fix?  It's pretty annoying...

  • oh no

    this has just become an issue for me on ios, app fully updated

  • fwletter

    There’s a possible explanation to this. This fix only works for iPhones and apple devices.

    If your play animated gifs when possible are turned off and not able to be turned on. This is because you enabled some sort of motion setting that disallows discord to play these gifs.

    Just go to

    < Settings

    < Accessibility

    < Motion

    < Turn off reduce motion

    Hope this helps. 

  • Maliciou$ Viper

    Thank you エリノ!

    Your solution worked! Just so others know, it’s the settings of your iOS and not Discord settings.

  • WindjumbieFPV

    Turn off any “reduce motion” settings in iOS it fixed it for me.

  • Shane

    Why would Discord be using this setting to turn off gif animation?! That’s not what that setting is there for?!

    Hey Discord devs... fix this. I shouldn’t have to turn on a feature I don’t want to get an app to behave correctly.

  • Ist01ey0subs

    i just got gifted Nitro Classic, and my profile GIF for some reason isn't animating. it's just a still

  • 123Happyspikes

    I noticed that if I go to Settings>Text & Images, it says that automatically play gifs when possible is disabled if you have reduced motion for your iPhone, iPad, ect. So I went to Settings (for the device)>Accessibility>Motion, and disable “Reduce motion” if you have it, and now it works.

  • zezima

    123Happyspikes wow ty, this worked after months of having trouble

  • Err1e

    Ist01ey0subs Was it from Tumblr?

  • Ist01ey0subs

    Err1e nvm i fixed it

  • Redforce

    If your on IOS and your GIF’s aren’t working go to settings on your iPhone and turn off reduce motion. Then go to Discord- Press your profile picture-Text & Images- Turn on “Automatically play GIFs when possible”

    I’ve been dealing with this for a month my GIFs work now.

  • theMLG

    I had this problem as well as another at the same time and uninstalling discord worked to fix both problems but the gif not playing came back and on Android my solution is to just go to my gallery/camera roll and share the gif I want from there, but if you have a ton of unsorted gifs like me, it kinda sucks to do it this way. It's also trial and error if you want to post multiple at once whether it will pass the file size limit

  • DarkestDread

    I've just encountered this issue as of the latest update I cannot load any GIFs animated or not animated even if they're just in the chat they will just crash discord and sometimes deleting messages or sending big messages or doing any kind of big task will just crash discord completely  I had to change the settings to to play gifts when hover so that I did not crash out as much This is a very annoying problem and I hope there will be a fix soon

  • Sarah the Terminator

    GIFs still not always playing automatically. You have to click the GIF & open it, then it will play automatically...

    not working on Firefox web browser on macOS, on Discord app, or in Discord private messages.

    You have to click the .GIF, then click Open Original for the .GIF to play.

    This GIF plays here automatically, (as it should,) but does not play automatically in Discord.


    I sent a help request, then they sent me an email about how to create a help request, then closed my help request, so...???

  • subzeroow

    gifs i sent is always loading for me but everyone else can see it

  • treespan

    I don't even have the option to automatically play gifs or not on both iOS 14.5 and Windows 10.

  • A very normal spy

    I have the same problem but on Android and I have had this bug for a month

  • Fiend Herd

    "Fix" for android, although it's not much of a fix but a way of posting.
    If you want to post an image, you see 4 categories, right? In order; keyboard, images, a piece of paper that is documents, and camera.
    Apparently, if you post a gif directly from your image folder, it appears as an image, basically this issue why we're here for. BUT, if you post the same gif from the DOCUMENTS category, it works as a gif.
    I have tested this by saving the same gif twice and posting them at the same time, one from the image category and the other from the documents category. The one from the image category appeared as an image, while the one from the documents category worked as a gif.
    This shouldn't make that much of a difference, let alone be a logical one, but apparently it does, and because most people don't think or know there's a difference between posting from your image category and posting from your documents category, it's a solution widely overlooked.

    SO, REMEMBER; keyboard, images, documents. The documents category, with the icon of a piece of paper, is what you need to post a gif from.
    If that doesn't fix it for you, what do i look like? A discord wizard?

    TL;DR - just post gifs from the documents category when you open images. The category is the third category, which icon is a piece of paper. It did the trick for me.

  • Reiylan

    On Android: scroll to your user settings > text & images > turn off "auto-compress images".

  • Rengate

    I have this same issue posting GIFs from Snagit. Though I have found it's due to the file extension being in all caps. While most programs dont care about that for some reason discord hates it being in all caps. So far I have not found a solution. Hopping maybe posting here will help. 

  • Zardizos

    Same, but mine play and they are overlapped and diagonal. like two images

  • Reading_Otter

    I'm having a similar problem. When I open gifs on desktop, my favorites and the other gif categories don't show up. I can still search for gifs, but other than that no gifs.

  • LeDuck

    also me ;-;


  • LeDuck

    pls fix this

  • Nico The Cinderace

    Also me too. Fix this, ffs.

  • Eszti🐙

    Ye, this is fkkng bullshit, i wanted to just use a gif from my favo collection which has over 300 gifs and pooof suddenly my whole section with favorites is GONE, fkkng again... when i mouseover in convos where i used my gifs i still see them as favorites with a yellow star. i already tried adding  new ones in hope the section re appers, but ofc not! Discord lettin this happen for 3yrs now and i im not gonna pay for nitro anymore either. my favorite section is non existaen and no, I DIDNT LOG OUT OF MY ACC, CUZ WHEN I DID THAT YES, AL MY FAVOS GET RESET, simply dont log out , but it sux if u need to change password. i tried everything this now my 5th hours im looking for a fix, and im fkkng going crazy, i cant bear the fact that i tried so hard to find my gifs bk ove the yrs and now again it happens, fkkng disgustingly annoyed by this, FIX THIS U SLACK WITH ALL THE MONEY YOU GOT HERE DISC.

  • Toxxyc

    By the way, this started randomly working again this week.  I switched my laptop on on Monday and the animations are doing what they should.  I don't know if Discord pushed a fix or something, but it's fine now.  WEIRD.


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