Gifs Won’t Work



  • Eszti🐙

    It randomly started working, and now i canfirm today it's exactly the same way broken again, GG disc.

  • KageNoAi

    I found a fix for this. If you go to the animated GIF in your photo roll on IOS>Click the share button in the bottom left>Click Copy Photo>Then go to the discord where you are trying to send the GIF>Hold in the text field like you are trying to paste text and click the paste option it will insert the image as a GIF.

  • purplefreakvapequeen

    This is annoying af! I updated to the one UI 4 on Samsung and it broke the auto play on gifs sent and received?! I got a new phone, and didn't have the one UI update yet and they worked just fine! Until, I updated the UI?! WHAT IS GOING ON I NEED ANSWERS!

  • Cagefreeowl

    I NEED HELP WITH MY GIFS. They are not working at all. Every time I try and send one it doesn’t move and it just becomes a picture. I tried everything reset discord, I tried opening my albums and Sharing it, uninstalling and reinstalling discord I even tried to reduce motion but nothing works. I contacted discord but they have yet to email back. So if anyone knows what’s going one and how to fix it, for the love of god please help me


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