When you delete your account, ALL your sent messages in ALL servers should be deleted.



  • Electraboss

    I just posted the following message to all my servers, lets get the word out!

    --------------------------------------message start-------------------------------------------

    I truly believe this is a good cause and you all should have a look at it, it will change the shape of discord and many people agree but it just needs the signatures, I didn't make it but I think its a great idea, post this on any server you can if you agree with the cause!

    **Forum thread:** https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360057273151-When-you-delete-your-account-ALL-your-sent-messages-in-ALL-servers-should-be-deleted-?page=1#comments

    **Change.org campaign:** https://www.change.org/p/discord-discord-delete-all-messages-from-deleted-users?recruiter=1144302208&recruited_by_id=0753aed0-e70c-11ea-9c55-4b523f4554a5&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=petition_dashboard

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  • WYTオフィシャル

    This is not true! Report this dude, will you?

  • milk

    please add this feature 

  • ˓˒

    just trying to delete my digital footprint man😔

  • Trojanac

    I agree with You all, discord should delete all your data while you delete your acc, users have rights to remove permamently their dms and messages on servers, not just show their Nick DeletedUser#0000 cuz IF IT IS REAL DELETED then its logical to remove all of the data of users. Please all tell Discord to do that otherwise they wont Listen Like they never dont.

  • CodeMaker_4

    The problem I see is that it is kinda hard to delete all messages from a technical standpoint. Like I wouldn't be surprised if discord does not keep a list of all the messages you sent anywhere that is stored in one place. As in, the messages are only stored in the chats they were sent in, and if Discord would want to delete all your messages, they would have to check every message in every channel in every server you have ever been in, and that's simply too much stuff to check.
    Though, I am not discord stuff and cannot confirm this to be true 100%. I just am a nerd who can guess how stuff does and doesn't work.

    But I do agree that DIscord should be able to delete all the messages you have ever sent, and the earlier they start to at least make the list I described, the better.

  • CAS9

    I think there's no need for discord to check your message in every message in every channel or server you went. because it's already a stored data/entry with your unique user ID (not just your Name #0000) on their servers that's why you can still still look for it 10yrs after. I don't see this as a hard problem for discord to implement It's really not that hard IMO because as mentioned on the topic "Delete all messages when you delete your account" this kind of function is not new. I think you're all familiar with this kind of message somewhere "Are you sure do you want to delete your account? All your data, messages, history, transactions, passwords etc etc will be deleted." and also keeping the account log is just an added storage to the server.

    Your chrome can do this.

  • 🎃Spooky Khual

    I really love this idea. Please please please discord make this a thing. I want it for myself too. And So is my friend over discord who went through dark stuff...and it really is a wound that is still there.

  • 🎃Spooky Khual

    Please please discord, make this a thing. A deletion that erase all your data. I would love that. My friend who been going through dark stuff, getting threatened and now he can't even leave, because many server he joined have his information and he also told me they could find him, which is SOOO SCARY for me and him. Please please help us.

  • Ranger

    Protect our privacy and let us actually delete our personal data when we delete our accounts.

  • MoeJc

    I do agree with this to a quite an extent. Some people really would like to delete old messages for valid reasons but I also want to point out the fact that Discord’s platform is also crawling with predators as well. If people delete these accounts and all their messages get deleted, there’s no possible way to get evidence for their crimes. I would like this implemented but it’s just another factor to consider as a counter argument. Edit - Syntax and wording errors

  • milk

    bruh can't they just screenshot the messages with the predator before deleting their account LMAO

  • MoeJc

    Nah I’m talking more if the actual predator deletes his account so he can’t be tracked down, not the victim themselves

  • MoeJc

    They can if they’re about to delete the account then dip without any evidence to show they were ever there to begin with

  • protec

    I agree. Deleting an account should delete everything. At least within 30 days.

  • SimpInspector

    yeah, if you delete an account it should delete everything associated with it

  • Nightcat

    This would be great, it’s shocking Discord still doesn’t have a way to purge your messages

  • CAS

    I think it should be optional when you delete your account. Maybe a switch, or maybe even a checklist of which servers and DMs you want your messages deleted in. In some cases, someone might need to delete an account but they don't want their messages deleted. But on the other hand, I think this would be a good feature for those who don't want to leave a trace.

  • Oxxi_

    That's actually a very serious problem that Discord don't let users delete everything they want

  • Redhead尺ㄖ几丨几

    It's interesting to see all of the comments supporting this.


    But with all due respect, anytime you leave your footprint somewhere, you shouldn't expect that leaving the area would cover them up for you.


    Discord likely doesn't have the ability to micro-manage all the millions upon millions of active servers that they host for the users. They are not like a social media platform in that manner. Rather, they simply host the servers that the community of users build. It's literally a content sharing platform, which you agreed to when activating an account with them so...


    Just use basic internet etiquette when online and you should be fine.



  • 🎃Spooky Khual

    @Redhead尺ㄖ几丨几, you could have atleast said "They are not like any other social media..." the way you describe discord is like not a social platform at all which they did said its a social platform themselves in the /Terms.

    Your last sentence...yes of course we are using internet...but we aren't mostly talking about the "internet" we are talking about "discord" and what's in the discord.

    "you shouldn't expect that leaving the area would cover them up for you" Yes I do agree on what you said. That is why this topic is being made. Out of 100 traces, deleting even a slight trace of our existence is what this topic is being made for. In also which discord said "Protecting our users, personnel, and property." I can be wrong here so I atleast expect a discord staff to correct me on that.

  • Kardon

    ever tried pressing the 'request data' button? they do keep track of every individual message sent in every seperate dm or server, including channel.

  • 406

    HUGE UPVOTE This feature is very needed maybe even make it a toggle too. Discord you continue to add useless terrible features to your site instead of basic safety. Threads? Really? Who asked for that feature???

  • 00


  • Y a m i.


  • AlfredoItalian


  • Kratos

    Discord, please delete old messages from deleted accounts. Do this to ensure privacy, data and personal information is deleted. 


  • IceQueen

    I also agree with this. If you are deleting your account, you are doing it for a reason. A reason that probably involves your sense of safety. Even if it is just an OPTION to have EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER POSTED OR SENT with that account deleted during the deletion process that is better than how it is now.

    Because of this thread I had emailed Discord to ask if this had been changed in the two years since it had been requested and it has not, but they told me to come here to put in the feedback so they could see what the people actually wanted. And yet, here we wait.

    This is what he said. I won't add his name, because I don't want anyone giving him crap for doing his job. I doubt he makes the final decisions for upgrades to Discord. And if you do said worker, I hope you see this and that I tried to do what you told me to.


    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Sadly, the total account deletion that includes the messages your account has sent is currently not in-app, but if you would like to see changes to these systems in the future, then you can definitely vote up the suggestions at feedback.discord.com.

    It would really help us out if you upvote the idea since feedback contributes greatly to our decision-making of which features and fixes to implement in the future based on what our community wants.

    I'm so sorry again that we don't have a current solution for you at this time, but I like to think that anything is possible in the future.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • holymacarell

    Please please add this feature Discord! I want to delete my account and dissapear from there but the thought of my pictures and messages still being there in different servers that im no longer in, haunts me every night. Please add this feature Discord. I beg of you.


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