Discord new TOS is racist



  • MooreMoDz

    I'm going to get my point across this and I want it to be clear.


    Imagine a Black person using the N-Word on both White and Black people, it seems normal. Now if a White person says the N-Word to a Black person that also says the N-Word, they find it offensive.

    I agree with Discord's rules. It doesn't matter what colour you are, you shouldn't be saying the N-Word, even if you're Black.

    If you have an issue with Discord keeping racism off their platform, you are part of the problem.

  • Dzeno

    Couldn't agree more with @MooreMoDz
    Anyone that is truly against discrimination (which racism is 1 form of) would say that
    either everyone is allowed to use the word or no one.

    No it's not different, also none of the black people now where alive a 100 years ago (or at least not the ones using the word). Even if they were, if you limit who can use what words based on a discriminatory factor, such as skin colour then you're promoting discrimination instead of helping to get rid of it. Even if you have good intentions.

    There shouldn't be any difference in who is allowed what, for most things (Vetting is not discrimination, a fat person won't be allowed into the army. Clearly not discrimination but lacking the right skills/requirements. These are the kind of exceptions I mean when I said most things).

    Lastly how the hell do you expect discord to know what skin colour people have? You don't have to enter this info and if you did there would be people who would find it annoying and/or racist. Because why would they need that info?

    Resulting in the two options I mentioned that would be fair. Either no one can use the word or everyone. There's no way of policing and even if there was it would be discriminatory if some people were allowed to use it while others wouldn't. Policing everyone and every single message on intent is not realistic and not doable thus everyone or no-one.

    If you disagree then give a solid argument as to why. Something you belief or you feel aren't arguments, those are ideas and feelings.

  • Dzeno

    @Soviet seal
    Not everyone white person means it racist either. However as I said it's impossible to police all messages.

    I once said to a black friend when he ordered chicken for like the 100th time, "N and their chicken", not meant badly in anyway, I didn't even mean to use the word but it subconsciously was there because I have heard similar phrases enough times. That was a verbal slip up, however if I hadn't been good friends there's a high chance others would have thought it was racist.

    Point being policing properly is near impossible and even harder through text, as it has no intonation.

    Again I don't mind either way, but you have to accept that if some people can use it that everyone can use it.
    Every server still has it own admin(s) and maybe mods to enforce the rules of the server.

    In the end it's a choice,
    Either Discord doesn't do anything and let the owners of the servers solve it (would be fair as well) or discord puts some hard/fixed rules in place.

    Also I'm convinced that one part of the black community wants the N word to be banned, another part wants it to be allowed and another part doesn't care. So it's not like either you nor baby cheese are speaking/representing the entire community. The problem here is that there will always be someone complaining no matter what discord does with this. Ban the word some people will complain, unban/allow the word others will complain.

    Also check if this rule is in place for private groups ;)
    Usually if you make your own group you won't have to worry/care

    Also I suggest reading this article, it should help you understand a bit better how discord operates. https://www.pcgamer.com/how-private-is-your-private-discord-server/
    They're trying to do what they think will provide the best results.

  • Dzeno

    @baby cheese could you link to the TOS page and copy-paste the line/phrase that actually says this?

  • AdriannaR

    How will they know that when the n word is being used by 95% of Discord users, and as I read above it’s not always aiming it towards others, it can be said in general. Discord would have to terminate 95% of all the Discord users because of it, leaving Discord with hardly any users left. Dark skinned people say it, and some I know don’t mind it and they say it too. How can you punish every Discord member for saying it when Discord would have to watch every conversation in every channel and every server 24/7, to “catch” people saying the n word even once and get the instant termination punishment. I refuse to say it and don’t like that word at all, mostly because I have mix members in my family, and I’m not disrespectful like most people are. I’m one who stands up for people and all differences, and help when I can that’s following the rules and help those who are being honest yet get hurt anyway.

  • Sus

    As a Black/Asian person, I honestly think discord pulled a bad one on this. 

  • Scott

    yeah, im all for ridding the platform of white supremacy, but uh, id rather have my privacy, that was one of the last things keeping me using discord


  • moved

    To be frank, the two comments at the beginning were quite stupid.
     One, you as a white person or someone who is not black should not make those decisions on wether we should or not use the n word.

    Two, Not everyone is gonna be satisfied with the new update, it happens pretty often. So you're free to complain about Discord TOS is "racist" when you can use tons of other words in the dictionary. The n word shouldnt be even use religously like it is.

    To make it short: Be quiet, it's not that deep.

  • Dzeno


    You've clearly misunderstood and not properly read the comments, especially my own comment.
    "... either everyone is allowed to use the word or no one." (second phrase first paragraph can't be missed)

    That was my point/argument, if you want to use it go ahead, HOWEVER do not complain if someone else uses it and especially do not go complaining when someone doesn't get banned for it (I already explained why that's an unreasonable request for many reasons).

    Another important point, I asked the OP if they could link to this new rule.
    "@baby cheese could you link to the TOS page and copy-paste the line/phrase that actually says this?" 
    Because I couldn't find it, not saying the rule doesn't exist but at least I would like to see and read it in the actual TOS of discord.

    Lastly what gives you the right to speak and why should others shut up, everyone person regardless of their appearance has the right to make a comment/speak.

    So instead of calling others stupid, when you don't read everything properly yourself, why do you not first post the exact rule from the discord TOS and a link to it?
    Secondly I don't see anything stupid about saying either everyone can use the word or no-one can. I don't mind if you do but keep in mind the more you use it the more the word will persist and the more others will use it (basic human psychology, sociology and language).
    I have never heard a sound argument why it would not be racist if only a subset of the population is allowed to use a word, based on birth-determined features.
    Be my guest and try to give a sound argument based on logical reasoning (I don't care how you feel about it or any of that stuff, too often I hear people say things like, "because that is right" or "because that is how I feel it is", those are not arguments just them claiming they're right without reason).

    Please first show the exact rule in the TOS of discord (haven't seen it yet).
    Either everyone can use the word or no-one.

  • moved


     I called the comment stupid, not them themselves. Also, most of the people saying this are white. Three, I am somebody, never told anyone to shut up (don't be vulgar luv.) I suggested they be quiet if the desicion isn't yours to make.

    Also, wasn't speaking to you.

  • Dzeno

    You were speaking to me as you addressed my comment. You said my comment is stupid, implying that I'm either stupid, ignorant or whatever reason there could be to write something stupid. Especially since you just said the comment is stupid without reason.
    The comment which main message is:
    "Either no one can use the word or everyone."
    That phrase is in there multiple times.
    Then you say, yes mostly white people say it and saying that is stupid (no arguments or anything).

    And yes telling someone to be quiet is the same as telling someone not to speak.
    "To make it short: Be quiet, it's not that deep."
    Might be more polite but the message is still the same. ESPECIALLY saying that if you're not black you can not respond here is a form of discrimination, called racism. I've always learned if you do not want something to happen to you then definitely do not do it to others.

    It's also not your decision to make.
    The only "people" that can actually make the decision is Discord.

    Lastly STILL HAVE NOT SEEN THE RULE IN THE TOS NOR A LINK TO IT. (I have searched for the n word and it isn't explicitly written in their online TOS)

  • Baby Cheese

    Everyone should be able to say it, words are words, stop being so offended by everything, freedom of speech, simple as that.

  • Dzeno

    @Baby Cheese, again I don't have a problem with that.
    My argument has always been everyone or no-one.
    I also agree that people get offended too easily nowadays just by words that they associate negative meaning to.
    However if you clearly say something is stupid then I do find that either ignorant or offensive (especially when you do not explain why).

    Nonetheless, I HAVE STILL NOT SEEN THE LINE IN THE TOS OF DISCORD that bans specific words including the specific n word talked about here. I've asked it a few times and I have yet to see someone copy-paste the exact phrase from the TOS nor have I see anyone link to it (or the section where it says so).

    So instead of continuing this discussion why do YOU not first show that this rule is actually in the TOS, I wasn't able to find it (might have missed it). However since you made this post you should definitely have seen it and know where it is.
    If that line is not there then this whole discussion doesn't matter. Keep in mind a person banning you from their server is not Discord but the owner/admin/mod of that server. 

    Also something that annoys me a lot is the pot calling the kettle black, in other words people that are hypocrite (knowingly or unknowingly). So anyone that has a problem with racism (which I think is most people) should make sure they don't make the mistake of themselves doing something discriminatory (racism is a sub-category of discrimination).

  • Optiimum™


    I think that users who use racial slurs (with a "hard R" or not) should be given a WARNING. They could get suspended for a while if they continue. Ban as a last resort. I'm against racial slurs, but it would kill Discord. Tons of people find it offensive, including me. If you are black or white - it still can be seen as racism.


    To sum it up: Racial slur = warning. If they keep on saying it = account suspension. Ban as a last resort. 


    This is a good compromise, no? If they quickly ban, it'll wipe many servers. If they don't do anything, racism won't be good. 



    Also, Baby Cheese. If you don't have a problem with racial slurs and use "freedom of speech", you are part of the problem. And to be honest, people who use the "freedom of speech" card just need an excuse for breaking the Discord ToS.

  • Dzeno


    I've mentioned this before, people just have different opinions about this (regardless of skin colour). That will unfortunately probably always be the case.

    I agree people should stop arguing about this.
    My arguments is simple, no one has posted or shown yet that this rule is actually is in the TOS of Discord. After so much time and so many posts I really am starting to think this rule doesn't even exist. I think baby cheese got confused with some other rule or a server rule.


  • ZØNIN©

    Good point.  Can somebody pull the ToS for us?

  • Connor

    hi, freedom of speech isnt freedom of punishment from said speech, and discord tos is here: https://discord.com/new/terms


    i couldnt find anywhere in the tos where it specifically outlined where it was banned but i got this:

    "These rules of use are not meant to be exhaustive, and we reserve the right to determine what conduct we consider to be a violation of the Terms, Community Guidelines or improper use of the Service and to take action including termination of your Account and exclusion from further participation in the Service."

    in the community guidelines, https://discord.com/new/guidelines, however,

    still no mention of it, so it's a bit of a grey area

  • cheuriibee

    As a black person myself, I don't consider this "racist" 

    A slur is a slur, no matter what. If you have an issue with it, too bad. 
    "fweedum ouv speech" doesn't excuse you from using slurs. Use literally any other word. It's not deep.

  • rival

    To be honest this rule is kinda lame, it's only here because of what's happening in this world in the past and was never a rule to begin with, in the end it's just a word, if someone calls you that and you find it offensive, then block the account or ban it from a server, it's not worth banning over a word.

  • cheuriibee

    You shouldn't be saying the word in the first place. Period. Expand your vocabulary instead of being disrespectful.

  • rival

    How am I being respectful for saying a simple word? It really isn't being racist if you say it out of context or in general it isn't focused towards anyone sure ig it can be offensive but that's only if you let the word offend you I have black friends and some of them don't care if I say it, and for the record, these days, it has lost its meaning anyone can say it either out of context, for no reason (which is just saying it), and it people don't even use it towards its actual meaning which is calling africans that word because they were slaves and were used to do things for slave owner, I don't see anyone being a slave where I am, maybe that's different for you. It's just a word, it doesn't really affect anyone, don't let a single word bring you down, and I respect servers that have this rule, but the problem is that if there isn't a rule for that in a server then what's the point of banning someone, let alone get worked up over it unless the majority of the server gets offended or just doesn't like people saying, either everyone can or no one can.

  • cheuriibee

    Then no one can say it. As I said before, a slur is a slur. It's offensive. You can literally say anything else. It's not hard. 

    Please don't use the "I have black friends" card, it's not helping your case.

  • rival

    It actually is helping my case, I have tons of black friends and some of the that I actively talk with don't really care if I say it, hell they say it too, in the end in this era of time, it's just a word.

  • cheuriibee

    I'm sorry, but a few black friends still don't and will never justify the use of a slur. No matter if it's "just a word" that same word still holds an effect on people with its horrible history. Again, you could literally use any other word that isn't the n-word. It is so much easier to say anything else like "bro" "dude" "fella" or whatever sounds the coolest than using an offensive word by definition


    If this is really the hill you want to die on, so be it. The fact that it's an offensive slur not only to others but in the literal English language itself will never change. History has made a permanent stain on it.

  • 𝚖𝚒𝚝𝚜𝚞𝚛𝚒

    I agree with cheuriibee, having black friends isn't an excuse to say the n-word, and it never will be an excuse.

  • sears 𝄞

    So you're saying since I'm black the white friends I have can say the n word? Makes total sense. Dumbass.

  • cheuriibee

    Woah, no need for insults. Let's keep it civil.

  • ArcadeAlchemist

    your free speech on digital platforms is bypassed.

    if you want free speech stop using this platform. 

    it's sadly that simple however because it's been the most polished platform the only way to fix it would be if a digital bill of rights that deem only illegal activity harmful.

    calling someone a bad word is part of life, you have an ignore setting for those users.

    Discord admins also should be the ones to block, and ban from their communities not the whole platform. 

    another problem is the "PROTECTED CLASS" 

    the only reason they are protected is because it's the only way they can avoid getting shamed or criticized or mocked and ridiculed. 

    also people of those protected classes are the ones administrating the platform. (so they power trip often)

  • cheuriibee

    Free speech =/= hate speech.


  • sears 𝄞

    @cheruriibee Exactly


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