Add a way for Nitro Classic subscribers to boost a server


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  • Multarix

    This is how it should be imo. Currently, I only have access to nitro boosting because of grandfathered nitro, but once that runs out, I'll lose the ability to boost servers. I have no real need for the games store free games and would rather not pay extra for a feature I will not end up using just to boost a server.

  • Gabe Iggy

    Totally agree. I don't have use for the games since I use Linux and they are not available for this platform.

    Heck, if money if what you want let us buy boosts individually.

  • Ene

    I have a grandfathered subscription, so it doesn't matter to me personally, but this definitely makes sense.  People have already justified it pretty well, but would like to restate that 1. this is a chat perk, and 2. it unfairly punishes people who use OSes besides Windows.

    Please at least add a "half-boost".

  • Hime

    While I understand the meaning between basic and premium nitro, I don't understand why they didn't add both for the boost option. You're still paying for perks and supporting the discord community. I highly agree to give basic to receive the boost option, probably reduce the amount of how much it can boost than what premium can.

  • Takuya

    Seconded. There's many users who have no need to get regular nitro due to being on mac, mobile, or simply not wanting the games. I know people who don't even have discord on desktop.


    I understand the attempt to push a store, but I have classic nitro and I'm not interested in the games.

    Honestly haven't even seen anyone with the upgraded nitro yet

    Instead, I'm super eager to get the perks on my server and I'm sure some would like to use a boost on it as well, but forcing it exclusively on regular nitro will just make it annoying. I lead an art community, so I don't even have an excuse to suggest anyone upgrading.

    Let classic nitro users give half the boost and call it a day, what drawback is there in that? In the end it'll give us even more reasons to support.



    server boost = yay

    games = meh

    gib classic nitro 1/2 boost power

    everyone happy

  • Dr. Frankengust (Snappyapple632)

    Maybe let the server owners pay for a boost as an option? I get they're trying to promote Nitro, but I'm sure there are celebrities, corporate, etc. who would be willing to pay $50/mo for ultrahigh quality servers. After all, it's money that Discord needs.

  • Kappa

    I think a big issue is that Classic is advertised as Chat options/benefits and Server Boosting seems to fit under that umbrella.  As opposed to the full 9.99 /m plan which is extra for the games.  I don't think it's totally fair to blindside users with this now, and I hope some response is given soon even if it's a rejection to this suggestion.

  • Meggle

    I agree, both tiers should be able to boost and IMO the only possible solution to this is let both boost but make the $10 tier count as +2 where classic is +1.


    The way its set up right now seems fairly money grubby and crappy to hide a great feature that could easily net you more subs if the $5 tier was able to participate, but isn't being done that way.


    Maybe instead let people pay for a year of an ability to boost with paying $10 once or bake it in like my initial line up top of this post.

  • GrifGrif
    Yes but actually no : Discord want to separate the old nitro sub/ Nitro Games than Nitro classic : they want to make a separation to upgrade 4€99 nitro to 9€99 nitro ^^
  • Dunci

    Nitro classic is about chat perks the issue I have with the current plan is that Boosting a server is about chat perks. Further I'm mainly using Linux and Nitro games don't even work there making a full subscription pretty worthless.

  • Petth

    Yea, they aren't games so they shouldn't be separated from the classic nitro

  • Lood

    yea i agree with petth the premium nitro is too overpowered and some things like the boosts should also go to the non premium nitro

  • Lunar_Penguin

    As a Linux user, Discord Nitro's games are worthless to me at the moment, which is why I'm a Nitro Classic subscriber.  However, I'd still like to be able to boost favorite server...

  • Gamekeeper

    It would be nice even if classic subs got even like a half boost or something. I know most users I've seen have classic and not premium, so by all means they are supporting discord, but no matter how many classics there are, they can't help boost our favorite server whatsoever. There really should be some balancing here, whether its that classics get only mini-boosts with no bonus unless theres so many, or its that they get 1 regular boost and increase premium by 1 or 2 boosts. Or maybe a separate boost system for classic? Idk but surely something is imbalanced here.

  • Dapper Platypus

    Could be an additional boost for nitro users, only one for classic.

  • Futa-kun

    Dew it

  • Ted

    100% Make it classic, I mean games and server boosting have nothing to do with each other I mean come on discord. You made a oof. Now you can fix it.


  • Jenner IIC

    I totally support the idea of a middle ground subscription. I am interested in chat perks and server boosting, but don't at all care for the free games (I already have way more than I play). As it is now it's kinda missing out potential business from people not willing to pay the full price of current nitro because they don't want all the perks.

    Kinda iffy about the boost to classic nitro though, like yeah that would be super nice but business is business, there can't be free hand outs, least not too often.

  • Seanghost

    Yea I think classics should at least count for something. I paid for the $10 nitro just to boost and help my server but for all the people who pay for classic especially those who aren't gamers, it just isn't fair for them to mean nothing when they contribute to the server as a nitro user like everyone else. I don't see the point in pushing the $10 version so hard when easily with the help of classics a server can reach greatness as well.

  • 🌙❄

    Yeah I agree with that. I've had classic nitro long enough that I have Early Supporter when that came out so i DO get boost features, and I do also plan on buying premium nitro when my early supporter benefits run out.

  • Immotay

    With the USD to my currency conversion rate, Classic Nitro is alright, but regular Nitro is off the chart (would cost me half of my internet bill). I was kind of excited with this feature and thinking about resubscribing to nitro classic, but since that doesn't count for server boosting there's no reason for me to sub anymore. /shrugs


    I believe a lot of people who either are not gamers, or can't afford the 10USD nitro would pretty much love the option to support their favorite server with the $5 nitro.

    Also: You can support streamers with a regular $5 twitch subscription, why should discord cost double this amount to support a server? And on Discord the server owner doesn't get money from it, so it's one more reason to allow Classic Nitro to boost.

  • Dilly

    Nitro classic should be 1 boost and nitro premium should be 2.


  • talaitha

    pls let classic nitro users have a boost, even if it's a gimped version of nitro.

    I don't have a windows machine, can't play the games, don't want to pay double the sub when i can't use all the options. thinking of just cancelling my nitro classic sub over this >.<

  • Garn

    Yes please. I don't wanna play games from Discord, I don't even have time for them, and the time I have I'd rather spend on games I already have. So I don't care about Premium Nitro, but I still have Classic Nitro for all of it's benefits, it would be nice to be able to boost servers with it as well. 

  • Il-Mulej

    The problem with this system is that smaller servers, which might not have too many people who are paying for a Nitro subscription, will most probably not even get to level 2, yet alone 3. I understand the whole paying for server upgrades thing, but I can't feel but disappointed knowing that my personal server, which doesn't have that many people paying for Nitro premium, wont benefit from these perks, and as a long time supporter, feel as if there could be another way to help small servers get boosted, maybe even lower the cap depending on how many users are present in a server. This could work out more if they make it so that even people with nitro classic can boost. I don't know, just spit balling here, but i do believe that this system needs a bit of work done. 

  • Neithen

    If Nitro classic is the version of Nitro for people interested in only chat perks, then this feature shouldn't be locked to the version of Nitro that is focused on gaming perks. Especially since this feature grants chat perks.

  • Dec_117

    Wholeheartedly agree, as is feels like we are just a normal user, we get nothing towards this system despite still supporting unlike a completely unpaid user. Even a half boost for classic nitro users would be much more appreciated than nothing


    hey im daniel hahahah just add it so we get cool perks


  • [YT] €ΔǤŁ€ βỮƗŁĐ€Ř

    Even if Classic Boosts are only worth a partial boost (like 1/2 or 1/3 a full Boost or something), all Nitro users should be able to boost their servers!

    I mean, the full version of Nitro can keep the games, that was always the big selling point when they first launched it. Now it's turning into something else and Classic is being left in the dust.

    Some people can't afford the full version and/or don't care about the games! I don't see why these two factors should prevent users from boosting their servers!

  • Axon

    Agreed, I also would like to mention I like cookies.


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