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  • dabaldeagul

    You can copy user IDs in mobile (Android at least). Long press the user icon and scroll down. If you have developer mode enabled in settings>appearance then it should say 'copy id' where you can copy the id.

  • axo | owl | owllavu

    i did not know that. thank you very much!

  • Rkzariasfm

    Indeed it would

  • Arcenasu

    Yep I super duper agree! Deus Vult!

  • RosieIsla

    Yes! On mobile there isn't an option to customize the colour further than the presets and it'd be helpful to have that.

  • Spidey
    yes, everyone is saying this and mobile users need this!! :D
  • GhostWolfe

    I’d really like this feature.

  • AwesomeMaps275

    This will be sooo useful for mobile users like me that have to use bots to get the colours that we need. I don’t know why discord isn’t adding this feature to mobile but its one feature that mobile users need.

  • Arc

    Hey Discord,
    Kindly add this feature to your app on the next update please

  • Alf
    Merhaba Önerin için Custodian ekibi adına teşekkür ederim, fakat Tüm Custodianların anlaması için İngilizce Yazma şansın var mı? Buna dikkat edersen harika olur İyi Eğlenceler!
  • наум

    This feature is very useful

  • Doggo

    yep definitely 

  • Fay

    This would most definitely be an useful and needed feature for mobile users alike. The current available colors are all very similar and basic, and usually aren't what i'm looking for in a role color. A color wheel doesn't need to be added, but a simple bar where i can implement the hex code of the color in question would help a ton.

  • 23 12 15

    This would be EXTREMELY helpful and convenient for mobile operators. While bots can do so by giving them a hex ID, itd still be easier and more convenient if it was a feature.

  • faunigraphic

    Please can we do this already, Discord! A lot of us run servers primarily from mobile, and the same muddy colour pallet is just depressing at this point :/ 

  • Intron

    Yes. Please.

  • TomTom04

    I agree

  • VideoGamer432

    I hope this gets added very soon. I really want to choose my own colors for discord.

  • ((Deleted Account))

    I own a discord server both on mobile and on pc. However there are times where I can't use my computer for a long time and members either join my server or request a new role and name color. It would be so much easier if I could change the color (by hex code even would be better or by the color wheel/slider i don't know what its called) myself rather then give my members the permission to do it them selves each and every time. ~Breanna Hogomura.

  • Gours😔👏

    I agree, it would be helpful for server owners and other people who want to just have fun with colours like do something when they have they colour picker, write the HEX codes down and stuff. Just so in the future if it accidentally gets cut off we still have the HEX codes for it for future purposes.

  • MK

    PLEASE add it. I Manage a server when I'm at school. Also the default mobile colours are terrible.

  • This was posted almost a year ago, it's been talked about a lot on multiple platforms and discord still hasn't added it. Unbelievable. Please add it.

  • qEclipse

    I completely agree with adding this.

  • You can use some bot to make roles with custom colors on mobile

  • marcos 戦 争

    Eu concordo plenamente

  • GaMeTrOl

    Yep it would definitely be easier that way

  • kizmxt


  • Damn I wish this was a feature. 


  • ShiroFox

    This is an available feature on the desktop version of Discord.


    Android and IOS :

    So far it has not been added to mobile yet but can be accessed by going into your browser and opening Discord in desktop mode (On Android, Chrome supports this for example). If asked whether you want to use discord or chrome for logging in, choose chrome and enter your login information. You will then log into the desktop Discord where you can access this feature in the role menu. Be aware that the feature is broken at the moment and will be fixed as soon as possible by Discord.


    PC :

    If you are on PC, its even easier than this. When editing a role it will show two rectangles, one for the default color, one for custom colors. To the right there are a few squares that contain the Colorpresets.

  • Kogure

    Every time something like this happens I just get more and more convinced that the desktop and mobile versions are developed on two separate planes with no communication inbetween the two. How is it possible for so many functions to be in one version and not the other, sometimes even with ones being newly released? Not to mention the really long waits before anything is done, if ever. Please add this.


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