More Blocking Features (Private Account Option)


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  • CarcinogenZ

    that was cringe to read

  • Anarasha

    And yet you read the whole thing and stayed long enough to comment :D

  • Anarasha

    Glad to be of service then!

  • Flandre

    Upvoted. As many people said, the bar absolutely makes the block feature useless as more often than not, people'd get lured into clicking the bar, defeating the purpose of said feature.

    This is a major UX flaw that engineers at Discord should know better not to do. 

  • Tall Bird

    I'd really like to see this supported. While I realise that I have the option to 'Not Click', constantly dangling this notification of 'This person you don't want to talk to said something!' seems like it's completely unnecessary. 

  • Exphen

    When i block someone, i want them gone from my account, it's as easy as it gets. I don't want to see "blocked messages" i don't want to see his username anymore, i seriously don't know how the devs couldn't think of that in the first place. Thanks OP for the topic, more options would be appreciated

  • Anarasha

    When my thread was merged into this one, I hope a separate thread was left in its place saying "1 MERGED THREAD(S)" where people can click to read the original thread

  • Beloved 🍋(●˙w˙●) 🍋

    My thread was also merged into this one.

    I agree we need a proper blocking service. What Discord has now is a glorified soft block that only hides messages under a 'do you want to read this?' button. This doesn't do anything. Every other site has a proper block feature, Facebook may have the best one. You don't know ___ exists and they don't know you exist and can't find you or see anything you do or say on anyone elses pages.

    Everyone here panicking about 'WHAT WILL THIS DO TO SERVERS?!? THIS WILL RUIN DISCORD!?!?' If someone blocks a mod on a server that mod would still be able to see and manage their posts and membership in that server but not DM them. This can protect people both ways. If someone's abusing their power the Mod can kick or ban them. If the mod is abusing their power they can't harass the affected party. Like this isn't that complicated. Plus if you block the person who's hosting the server you should probably be auto removed from the server as I'd have no idea why someone would stay. Nobody would have free reign with reckless abandon. 

    If you block another member in a server their username shouldn't show up. You shouldn't be able to see them or they you. You shouldn't have the option to see their messages, and if they're in a voice chat your audio should be muted to each other. 

    The fact that people you block can still see everything you do makes literally no sense and doesn't protect anyone or prevent any ill interactions.

  • Korolex


  • Luckmann 🐻

    I agree. It doesn't even have anything to do with temptations or "just don't click it". It is simply that the presence of the "X blocked messages" is incredibly disruptive in a chat, making it a chore to read or skim through. If I block someone, it is *only* because they are disruptive and obnoxious, so why would I want disruptive and obnoxious updates in the chat instead? I've just exchanged an aggrevating moron for an aggrevating feature.

  • Peebs

    I would also like to see this as a "hide" option.

    Currently even when a person you have blocked posts in a server, if you have notifications turned on in the server, it also says there is a new message, even when that is from someone you have blocked. It's irritating.

  • Beloved 🍋(●˙w˙●) 🍋

    this has been frozen at 81 votes for the past 2 weeks 

  • JenniValentine

    Very much needed.

  • Anarasha

    I really don't even see the problem here. Any other service and social media has a good blocking system that works exactly like people in this thread suggest. It's a tried and true system.


    To address some of the concerns as I see them:

    But what if I like it as it is now?
    - Discord staff can add soft block(as it is now) and hard block(as it is literally everywhere else) to make as many people as possible happy. Pretty sure soft block will be a lonely button though.

    But what about people who block admins in servers?
    - Like literally everwhere else, admins will still be able to see the person's posts. Easy to add through permissions.

    But invasion of privacy that you can't completely block a mod!!!
    - Tough titties, if you want total privacy, get rid of all your electronics. Privacy has always been limited online.

    People should still be able to see and interact with you even though you blocked them. It's not their fault you blocked them
    - ... Why though? If you dislike someone and want to cut off all communications with them, that should be your choice.

    This is a communications service, not a Leftbook Facebook page. Not hurting someone else's feelings shouldn't take priority over your own mental health and actually getting to decide who you interact with and who you want to see your messages. If you want a complete safe space where everyone's feelings are the ultimate thing that you can never curl a hair on, I'm sure there are servers that suit you where blocking each other is against the rules and will get you booted out.

    Stalkers are a thing, and you can't do a single thing about them as Discord works now except leave whatever server you share and hope they don't find you again. And being forced to leave a server just to get peace of mind shouldn't be the preferable choice over normal blocking. I refer back to soft and hard blocks I mentioned above to keep happy the people who don't want to hurt the blocked person's feelings. And to prevent abusing the system by unblocking someone, lopping an insult and then blocking them again, do like Facebook and add something like a 24 hour cooldown after you unblock someone.

    I don't want it to change because change is bad!
    - Your life must be tough and I sympathize. But change happens.

  • remy

    still supporting this after two+ years. it's unbelievably frustrating that discord both refuses to implement this and disallows users to use custom client-side css to do it themselves. please do better.

  • Rahuruk

    Keep pushing this until they implement a way to not show an entire god damn wall of "1 blocked message" that is worse than just seeing their comments in the first place.

    You don't have to remove it entirely, just let give us the option to turn that crap off.

  • Swamp

    Better scenario. Some freak you know in real life is trying to follow your actions and see what you are doing. I see this as a safety concern for girls. Discord devs should do this for the last example I gave. Discord is about the only social aplication that I know of that does not secure the privacy of its users well.

  • princessant

    I second this thread. I recently cut off one of my friends because our relationship had grown increasingly unhealthy. As such, I do not want to be visible to him. I want to be able to share my status (although by reading this thread, it seems that status is indeed displayed as invisible to those you have blocked) and my messages and my life with those who I choose to do so with. Blocking him on Discord would, as I understand it now, still allow him to see any messages I send in shared spaces. I'm also in various servers that deal with identity, and if he were to join one of those servers, as it stands now, he would be able to see the labels (through roles) I put upon myself. All of these are things that he should not have the right to know.

    I have unfriended him, but I specifically have not blocked him because I do not want his messages to disappear. I need those messages to defend myself in case he or someone else tries to gaslight me (I unfortunately know him and have to share certain common spaces with him in real life) and convince me that whatever he said to me over the past few months wasn't that bad, or that I said something in a conversation that I did not say. I need a record of what actually happened and was said.

    I am fortunate, for the time being, that he has not chosen to harass me on Discord specifically, although he has on other platforms (and if he chooses to do so on Discord, I may have no choice but to block him).

    Many other people in this thread have mentioned that they do not want the other person to see their messages if they've blocked them. I actually kind of just want options.

    1. The option to hide YOUR direct messages, past, from being viewable to them.
    2. The option to hide your messages from the person you blocked in a shared server, past or future.
    3. The option to hide their messages from your DM if you block them.

    I had previously suggested that chats should be saveable. After reading this thread, this no longer seems like a good idea to me.

    (also, as a final note, someone in this or another thread mentioned that this is a safety concern for girls. I am a girl, and my ex-friend is a guy. However, this is a problem for EVERYONE. People of any gender can be abusive and obsessive and stalkerish, and people of every gender should be able to have their online presence protected from those who would harass them).


    Edit: Updated post after this message was moved into this larger thread to reflect consideration of the views in this thread. You guys have lots of ideas!

  • xantonin

    For some reason, even though mine was 1 month older, my post was closed in favor of this one. My post:

    The idea is the same, and greatly requested by the community. Please implement this. Thanks.

  • Asahi
    Great suggestion, I'd make it so users with Manage Messages permissions can still see the messages though, so the work of the mods doesn't get harder
  • Frosty
  • Choeco

    That could create a lot of issues.
    1. Someone could block staff/owner of a server and staff would not be able to tell if they are breaking rules
    2. People could block auto mod bots so it doesn't punish them if they say post a server link where its not allowed
    3. discord raiders could block staff from seeing there messages making it harder to ban/mute them

    These are just a few examples of issues that it would create. Though it would be a nice idea if the internet was not such a bad place

  • CarcinogenZ

    Your entire point on right of erasure has just been put down to null and void, as for the fact that by contacting discord support, you can easily get them to remove every trace of you, no more messages, roles, IDs, Private message channels, all gone with an email, and no, sending an email is not too much to do when you're asking for right of erasure which does not apply to blocking someone because you're putting yourself out there on a public software with media, your right of erasure can not be applied to one person only that's not what that law is about , its not selective, when you apply your right of erasure, your entire account and what comes with it, messages and all will be deleted entirely from discord's official database (user screenshots dont count)
    Do not confuse privilege of privacy from someone you dislike with right of erasure

  • CarcinogenZ

    As for your first point, i definitely consider that subjective and situational, the blaming of discord is uncalled for and unnecessary

  • blargle

    "privilege of privacy from someone you dislike" is such a malicious wording of what we want.  The features we're asking for are required for the safety of vulnerable users, especially those of us who have already been victimized in meatspace by other users.

  • Matthew

    "The main point is number 1) the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed -> dms can be classified as a users personal data, therefore by not removing it from the site it is in violation of this law"


    The general data protection act says that anonymising the data is sufficient, which is the case. 

    As shown in the screenshot below, I'm no longer able to tell who sent the message. 

    All deleted users will have a blue default profile picture and their discriminator will be #0000, something no other user (apart from webhooks, which aren't users but that's besides the point) can have. 

  • Matthew

    I think princessant's idea is a good solution, being able to not view past messages, but being able to see future ones.

    This way you're able to moderate the user after they block you, but not before, since most people think that's the point of blocking

  • Pjosip

    @Matthew anonymizing the data is not sufficient in case images were shared since they can reveal the user's identity.

  • princessant

    @Matthew I am confused as to what you are saying I said. I think I'm misunderstanding but let me clarify just to be sure.

    As for DMs, currently if you block someone (as I understand it), THEIR direct messages sent TO YOU are hidden from you. To my understanding, they can still see your entire conversation, though, but you are left with just the messages that you sent. I see why this feature is in place, since messages sent by someone harassing you can often be damaging to read if dwelled upon or otherwise if still visible.

    However, I think that, to make it fair, you should be able to have the option to hide the messages that YOU sent TO THEM before the block. That way, you can't see their DMs to you, and they can't see yours to them. I personally do not care about people that I blocked screenshotting old DMs, but I think the option, a choice you can make when you block them, would be nice. Also, turning the "hide past messages from the person you blocked" should also be an OPTION when you block them, not a mandatory feature.

    For personal reasons, I actually would be fine with the both of us (me and the hypothetical person I'm blocking) having access to the full message history, so we can both see what the other said and so that a fair record is kept. However, many people in this thread have opinions about what should or should not be hidden (especially if you shared personal information with them that they could use against you IRL). Thus, I think an OPTION to a) hide your messages and/or b) hide their messages would be able to cover everyone.

    That covers the first and third suggestions that I made in my original post.

    As to my second point, I see that servers get messier. People in this thread are talking about the blocking of mods and what have you. That does seem rather complicated to me. However, provided that neither of you are mods/admins/owners, I think that you should have the ability to hide your presence from someone that you blocked. They shouldn't be able to see your status, your games/spotify, or your roles. They shouldn't be able to see the messages that you sent, past or future, within a shared server. (although I admit I am not sure how this would be implemented, the way Discord is set up right now. People keep saying "x feature should be so easy to implement!" but as a comp sci student..... I have doubts. Maybe it's possible since, the way blocking seems to be implemented now, there is a differentiation between hidden and deleted messages. Otherwise, how would their messages be hidden from you but not fully deleted? unless im misunderstanding. anyways, I digress.)

    Also, to be clear, my understanding of blocking is a protective feature, a last resort. The situations I'm talking about are not as simple as people that I do not like, but rather people that I think would hurt me. That is where my perspective is coming from as I'm making these suggestions.


    Does this still follow with what you were agreeing with? Which part of my original post were you talking about?

  • Matthew

    I've talked to Dabbit Prime who was the previous QA Lead at Discord, he noted that the way Discord's UI is built, it isn't possible to just hide components. Sure, you could write a bit of CSS but that makes more bugs, such as not having the little line after a new message, indeed a very small thing but I'm sure a lot of people will complain about it


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