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  • Hwiggy

    I am not sure why my posting of this was taken down, but thank you for re-posting it.
    At least yours has more upvotes as well, so maybe it will actually be implemented.

  • MyriaCore

    This, this, this! Makes a huge difference!

    For comparison:

  • Ghost4Man

    It's ironic that this was apparently "fixed" back in 2017 but they must have changed it back for some reason... (or it's a bug?)

  • Cagelight

    This is one of Discord's most annoying bugs for me, code blocks should NEVER line break. It's even more annoying that it was apparently working before but then they broke it.

  • Vince Blood

    This just sprang up in my web/desktop clients and I can't stand having no line wrap on my quotes.  Code or discussion or otherwise, being unable to read messages is frustrating.  The UI doesn't scroll long unquoted posts.

  • Raw Salad

    How does one go about implementing this change?
    I'm rather lost.

  • MyriaCore

    @Atrius Inspect Element, if u wanna try out for urself. If Discord Team actually decides they care, they'd just change it in the CSS. 

  • MyriaCore


  • Hwiggy

    Since Discord has chosen to ignore this one; lets refocus our energy into a new one.

  • Emilie

    Okay, here's an idea, since we want to satisfy everyone, both people who use code blocks to share quotes and similar text, and programmers, maybe if the UI would turn off the horizontal bar by default, but turn it on when we type code, it would be a good compromise?

    So something like that wouldn't have a horizontal bar:

    ```Random quote.
    — Someone```

    And the following would have an horizontal bar because we specify a language:

    //some javascript```

  • MyriaCore

    This is a pretty reasonable workaround, although IMO there's a root cause at play here. Most people want to use codeblocks since they wanna write server rules that have consistent formatting. It also doesn't help that the official discord support page on formatting makes css look like a fun way to greentext:

    Anyway, the only reason people want consistent formatting is because discord barely has any formatting options. Code blocks allow users to do ASCII art, and mono-space fonts make things like bulleted lists look cleaner and more consistent, which is ultimately what you want a rules page to look like. For example, if discord expanded their markdown renderer to include:

    ... then that would go a long way to stopping people from reaching for code blocks as their workaround.

    That being said, I think having horizontal scroll on code blocks w/ syntax highlighting is a solid compromise. I just wouldn't want to leave the underlying problem unresolved.

  • -KingVoe-9-

    guys i dindt get nitro


  • Michael Harley

    As to why did they drop this feature, it is to grant more Accessibility.

    The solution is pretty simple, by default make it wrapped. Developers can just add more text like ```no-wrap to create a horizontally scrolled posting.

    I don't know why Discord didn't implement this, and it's already been requested for more than 4 years.


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