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  • Igno

    Honestly I think it would be cool if you could just fill in a field for the site name, your username on that site, and a link to your profile on that site. That way, it could fetch the favicon of the site from the link to your profile so it would appear just as the preset connections.


  • NeizanSenpai

    I have all my friends on Instagram, so I want Instagram connect to find my friend on Discord !!!

  • 0
  • Дон

    Согласен! Яндекс музыку должны добавить в Discord!

  • EnotScript

    Согласен. Не хватает этой функции.


    Sounds nice to have more connection choices, but I believe it would be super compact if it would appear under your profile like it already does. Along with this, they'd need to set up all the connections with whatever system each service uses for linking. Don't take my word for it.

    Maybe there could be another tab option named "Connections" with all the connections stored there? Or they could pick from the most popular and show those. Either way, having more connection options is nice like I stated.

  • SplashyFlame

    If Netflix is suggested, why not also add Hulu?

  • donovan_dmc

    Discord doesn't create the rich presence applications themself, the companies have to create one, test it, and reach out to Discord to make it public. So go bother that service about making an integration with Discord, because it isn't anything on Discords end.

  • _ShadowWolfe

    Very surprised that Mixer hasn't apparently reached out to Discord, or even so much as vice versa when this has been requested for almost a year. Upvoted.

  • charitwo
    Definitely need more connections.
  • mércy

    Cool idea! Can you add Grammarly integration to the list? This is so that spellcheck could be more efficient, accurate and reliable.

  • !6 Hitman

    Why is it taking so long for Mixer and Discord to allow "Streaming" next to your name in discord? Twitch has it but not Mixer. I would have thought that when Ninja came to Mixer this would be looked at more seriously... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • cark

    Could be useful for adding people to realms/whitelisted servers!

  • Hunter1

    I want a PS4 connection

  • xLive

    Well I see the important things is:
    Nintendo Switch
    Epic Lanaucher
    Apple Music
    but why discord don't want to add it?

  • Lokoo

    Facebook Live

  • CocoBeaniie

    This right here is exactly what we need!

  • FallenFM


  • Ducain23

    Please do this and have the live symbol be a blue circle (like the Twitch one that is purple)

  • Greenskull

    I am in dire need of this

  • ReadyToTina🍝

    I can't believe that Mixer integration is just one other name on the list when we all know what kind of integration Twitch receives- cmon guys. Let's get this going!!

  • WesTheFluffyTV

    Very good idea!

    I hope discord sees this because I've been wanting this for awhile.

  • nixyri

    Google ended the consumer version of Google+ on April 2nd 2019, a suggestion would be support for linking your Google account to Discord so you can sign in using Google. 

  • therad

    :( someone bump this ! 

  • Emma

    I also want it back eh

  • Commander GreyFox

    there needs to be a twitch connection that tells people when you're live on twitch similar to how discord currently tells people you are playing a game

  • Swaggy_Jack

    Maybe also add wikipedia, circleci,, tiktok, Ebay, quora, bitly, social blade,  PlugDJ, Dubtrackfm, Azure Devops, seatgeek, Oculus, or edpuzzle

  • Derrios
    Can be simplify things, can put what you want in desciption after which the favicon of the site will be solved in the list.
  • Livetys

    Tidal needs to be added. A music streaming service. 

  • Creeper

    The list is cool. But i feel like its a bit too much, some of these don't make sense to me, Netflix? Amazon? Duolingo???


    But the connections id love to see would be Soundcloud, Mixer, Epic Games, Playstation, Minecraft, Nintendo, Origin, and Patreon.


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