Potential server boost perks


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  • Valcrye
    I agree, I feel that boosting should not only contain boosts to capabilities, but should allow for further individual and server customization

    @someone no. Too many people will abuse that.

  • Six

    I wouldn't imagine its use would get out of hand if it was simply an option to enable it.


    And I think they are going to have animated emoji slots. Because it says a total of 100 when the already have 100

  • Takaragomy

    Some of these should just be added to discord in general. Being able to change the notification sound for specific servers should just be a feature, not a paid feature. It is no different than changing your ringtone for a text.

  • loading

    To add to this list I would like to suggest a higher pin per channel cap and a higher character per message cap.


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