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  • Commander GreyFox

    there needs to be a twitch connection that tells people when you're live on twitch similar to how discord currently tells people you are playing a game

  • Swaggy_Jack

    Maybe also add wikipedia, circleci,, tiktok, Ebay, quora, bitly, social blade,  PlugDJ, Dubtrackfm, Azure Devops, seatgeek, Oculus, or edpuzzle

  • Derrios
    Can be simplify things, can put what you want in desciption after which the favicon of the site will be solved in the list.
  • Livetys

    Tidal needs to be added. A music streaming service. 

  • Creeper

    The list is cool. But i feel like its a bit too much, some of these don't make sense to me, Netflix? Amazon? Duolingo???


    But the connections id love to see would be Soundcloud, Mixer, Epic Games, Playstation, Minecraft, Nintendo, Origin, and Patreon.

  • GIR

    Google Stadia integration yes please

  • Azure

    its too much pain in the ass for discord to work on that xD

  • Flebsy

    Apple Music is my main want out of this list, the functionality is already there with Spotify.

  • KensonPlays

    Why aren't some of these things in yet? Especially "Streaming" status for other platforms besides Twitch, like Mixer, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, etc?

  • Alex Wazovskiy

    +1 for Origin and Uplay

  • NMW03

    I agree

  • dlivermagazin

    DLive !

  • SGT Dutchy

    could add grammarly to have access

  • ValorousRacer98

    What about Game Center, Google Play Games, EA, Microsoft, OneDrive, Windows Mail, Gmail and iCloud?

  • FruitChips05

    Add Amazon Music to this

  • Commander GreyFox

    I still want itunes itergration, i dont like apple but i use apple music

  • corry

    This would definitely revolutionize the way we use not just Discord, but communicating as a whole.

  • Rebouz

    There are many platforms in this list, but I have another one that might not be this obvious:

    Spotify Artists Accounts.

    We currently can only link user accounts, but artists obviously would love to show their songs. So why not also add those artist accounts?

    I guess this is a different profile connection than the user accounts, so that's why I commented this here.


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