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  • Gren

    8 months later and nothing..., I really want a PSN, and Instagram connection idk how a Nintendo one would work but it'd be nice to have it along with PSN knowing how XBL and Steam are available as connections. I have no idea what’s taking them so long with Instagram knowing how almost everything major social media is available for connection (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and even Skype) it’s confusing as well since they have a FB connection and Facebook owns Instagram. Hopefully one day these three things I listed will be implemented. :/

  • ashley

    yes please add Instagram as a social media connection as well


  • Blue
    It would be nice to be able to add multiple githubs to your profile in case you've got more than one account
  • Exaint
    Facebook should stay as far away as possible from Discord....
  • Azuma

    I concur. Is it possible to get someone from Discord to comment on whether there are any plans to integrate GOG into Discord in some way? Would love for games I'm playing through GOG to show up on Discord.

  • Healbot

    Can you add Minecraft to the list? Very huge popular game for PC Gamers and has it's own launcher for the PC Version . There has been APIs for Minecraft names as well. Would be very good that people will know our name in Minecraft. 

  • Ten

    Would love if we could integrate Mixer in the same fashion Twitch is connected.

  • bigOS Mac Sur

    @Healbot If you play Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Windows 10 Edition or Minecraft for mobile you can connect your Xbox Live account

  • Northern
    I personally don't think this is the greatest idea, as roblox mostly doesn't have an age restriction like discord does (13+ for discord).
  • Portalcow

    I Need it!!!

  • Galiano/Sagedust

    You forgot Pandora to that list above.

  • Inverter

    Add Snapchat

  • Hexandcube

    Add keybase with proofs support

  • NotKyon


    Android Developer (Play Store)

    Apple Music

    Apple Developer (App Store)


    Website URL (not really an account connection but...)

  • leah

    Wouldn't a much better system be to just let app developers make their own connections?

  • TheWitheredStriker

    - VK
    - Minecraft
    - Snapchat
    - WhatsApp
    - WeGame
    - Rockstar Games Social Club
    - Deezer (Assuming it's not misspeled above as "Dezzer")
    - TeamSpeak

    These are the ones I can think of right now.

  • Agent P/A350-1000
    wow something amazing.
  • Shadowstorm

    yeet…. just simply yeet


  • Syntafin

    Es gibt schon einen solchen Vorschlag, wie wäre es den zu unterstützen?

    Zudem, Discord ist eine Amerikanische Firma :) Vorschläge macht man daher auf Englisch.

  • CandyCrystal

    Fur Affinity would be nice

  • thetechguy
    this would be veru cool. I hope this gets inplemented.
  • Suspense
    yes i'd love see ifttt with discord !
  • ric012334

    I would really like to see a Nintendo Switch connection for people who have a Nintendo Switch. We already have an Xbox Live one so why not a Nintendo one?

  • It would be great if all of these platforms had a connection to Discord. Especially if it was with Playstation, where when we play a game, it would appear in Rich Presence on our profile. Add this, pls!

  • RedS
    apple music
  • EquityX

    You have Snapchat listed twice. Also would it be possible to have the list be votable? That way people could vote for what they want to be prioritized. Also someone mentioned this before but you can also try to contact those companies instead of waiting for them to contact you. I know it works from experience myself. You just got to be persistent and keep emailing/calling them until they answer. It shows your committed and company's like that.

  • -Pizza]ERA

    Blade&Soul, Xat, Transformice, Hamachi, AeriaGames, CyberStep, Nexon (since EpicGames is there might as well)

  • xLive

    Good idea, Especially with PS4 and Switch.

  • Typhoon
    mixer is already a suggestion on So that makes this a dupe lmao

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